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Found 1 result

  1. Hello all, I'm new to this forum and want to give everyone a breif introduction to myself. I've been in car audio since the early 90's, but took a LONG break from it (almost 13 years), and just recently decided to open my wallet back up and get involved again. I like to hunt, fish, now have a serious passion for car audio, and take care of my wife. I'm an outside salesman for a tooling company that mfg's drills, taps, end mills, and other specialty tools. Enough about me... I drive a 2013 Toyota Camry and I am now working on my 4th system in it since the beginning of the year! Yeah, I know, lots of wasted dollars. I thought I was going to start off and be happy with one PIoneer 12 and a Hifonics amp. YEAH RIGHT! Anyway, on to my new system. Right now, I'm rolling around with a SoundQubed Q2200.1 on (2)HDS3 12's and for my mids/highs, have a Kenwood XR400-4 powering Infinity Kappa 6.5 components and a set of rear fill Kappa 6x9's. I'm running stock HU, as I like steering wheel function and navigation, so I bought an AC LC2i and things are working out ok so far. I was introduced to this sight by a guy over on SMD who informed me about the DSS Ethos drivers. I have now bought another Q2200.1 to strap to my existing one, and (2) 12" Ethos D2's, as this will be hopefully my holy grail build. I also bought another 4channel, SQ Q4-120, and bought some Bullet tweets from SQ'ed and (2) set's of 6x9's (have no idea where I'm going to install these, so hopefully I can learn how to fiberglass on this sight). As far as electrical goes, I have a MechMan 240amp alt, 4 AGM's, with 1/0 flexible welding cable running throughout. Waiting on some tinned copper bus bars to arrive this week to hopefully make my next install look as professional as possible. Today, I'm working on the frame to seal off my trunk so I can do this build correctly. I still have A TON to learn, so hopefully some of you smart guys out there won't mind throwing me a few pointers on how to seal my trunk off properly. I would imagine there are a few out there that can throw some pointers to me about enclosure design as well for the Ethos subs. This should be a fun build, a loud build, and one that will be a pleasure to listen to. Quetin introduced himself to me already and has been really cool from the get go. I look forward to meeting many more people that have the same attitude/personality that Quentin has. Much respect... Well, this post is long enough, so I'm going to close it out. I look forward to reading many posts and learning as much as possible. I'm sure I will add to threads when possible, but really I'm here to learn from some of the best in this field. Looking forward to learning and meeting some new people. Good luck everyone...