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Found 8 results

  1. Check out this super sweet awesome deal we are having for tax season!! www.soundqubed.com
  2. As bad as I hate to, I have decided to sell my baby, the Solo X 15. This is a BRAND NEW sub, never used, never mounted or seen any power. A full build log is available in my cig. I am very firm on the price of this sub, it is worth twice what I am asking. Item: Custom Solo X 15 Description: New, unused. Fresh build. It is a Solo X 18 motor, rebuilt and bored gap, w/ 15" TI frame, Quad spaced TC spiders, and DC Level 5 m2 D1.4ohm fw 8-layer hi-temp coil, AR cone, and true cf matching red dust cap w custom logo. Specs: I have free air parameters available. It is a custom build... Price: $700 shipped, cont. US only* *Pacific time zone pays $20 more for shipping, due to the weight. (sorry) Pictures: I hate to sell it, I just really need money atm, but I can find 100 reasons to keep it. The main two being that there is no other like it IN THE WORLD, and I built it. But like I said, I need money, and it will be a while before I can properly use this sub. So if anyone out there really wants it, now is your chance! Just please, no trade offers, and I am very firm on the price. If your serious, PM me and we can talk! - Purplehaze Build Log: Solo X 15 (V.2) Sub-woofer build log - Subwoofers / Speakers - SSA Car Audio Forum
  3. i just got a new box built for my subs ( 2 12 inch dual 2 ohm L5 kickers in a 6.5-7 cube box tuned to 35 htz). i picked it up from the guy and set my amp at 25 htz with the gain set at about half way from what i can see on the dial. first, i must say it sounded amazing! i was running a 3.3 cube box that was kinda jimmy rigged together by the guy i bought them from so this is exquisite great sound, good range and a ton of sound pressure. if anyone needs a box built in central to eastern washington/ central idaho let me know i'll get you in contact with triticum audio. ok, so the guy that built my box also installed the subs and wired in at a 4 ohm load. about a week after i got them home i got curious and pulled the subs out and switched everything to a 2 ohm load. it sounded awesome. great lows, tons of pressure and great sound quality. next time i had it going and my amp kept shutting off at mid to high volume and it sounded like i had a couple of crap tens in cardboard boxes. never had this issue. i'm running a kenwood amp rated at 500rms@ 4 ohm, 900rms@ 2ohm and they were even advertised to be 1 ohm stable. i have 1/0 power cable and 2/0 ground with solid copper terminals on both ends cause i filed down a set of terminals to actually bolt into my amp. i replaced my body ground with a piece of 1/0 instead of the 4 gauge i have for my big 3. changed the subs back to 4 ohms. i'm still not picking up the really low frequencies i was getting. tuned it in, and it sounded decent. tried running at 1 ohm and blew out 2 fuses simultaneously. back to 4 ohms. NO CLUE WHATS HAPPENING!!!!! is my amp taking a crap? could it be my off the shelf kenwood deck? could it just be my subs? do you have to acoustically reference each sub according to which voicecoil produces what? NO CLUE!!!!!
  4. sps1989

    Plenty of Stuff FST

    I am looking to trade but will sell if the price is right... I have: 1- Pioneer AVIC-D3 double din with 2012 maps- $350 1- Sundown SA-10 d4 with one missing terminal but has a bolt in its place- $125 2- Sundown SD-2 10s d2 in a custom ported box- $350 1- Memphis Power Reference 15" s4- $125 (may be able to get the other back to make a matching pair) 2- Kicker L5 12" d4s in custom bedlined box- $375 1- American Bass XL-10- $40 1- German Audio shallow mount 10" s4- offer 2- Kicker CVT 10" s4 subs in a box for a 2003 Toyota Tacoma single cab- $200 1- JL TMA 500.1- $100 1- Kicker ZR360 2 channel- offer 1- Rockford Fosgate 4600x 4 channel- offer 1- Realm A600.4 4 channel- $125 1- Ported Probox for 1 10" sub made for a 07+ GM crew cab $200 1- Ported probox for 1 10" sub made for any single cab truck and some ext. cab trucks- $75 Variety of 12" sub boxes And more... Trades: Pioneer AVH-X4500BT Pioneer AVH-X5500BHS Crescendo C1000.4 Crescendo C1100.4 PS3 Cab over camper 1911 .45s 9mm Offer up http://s684.photobucket.com/albums/vv202/sps1989/selling
  5. Hey every this trend is for all you custom box builders who would like to show your box, wall pictures. So post on everyone and lets see your custom work.
  6. Dangercdv

    NEW 10s

    My current setup is in a 2000, mustang convertible. Very little room. I am using 2 seperate boxes at about 1 cube sealed. I have a kicker 750.1 amp, powering two 10 inch CVRs. My question is, what can I drop in that will sound better? Of course the cvrs are loud, but after I tuned them there just not where I would like. I am looking for a cheap replacement. I may be able to sell the cvrs to some friends to help with cost. I'm looking at the Sundown E-10, so Skar IVX 10 Would an upgrade be worth if it, if so, what subs should I get? In short: 750-800rms, 1 cube sealed (each), daily use. What to get?
  7. So i have an old school kicker ZR1000 2 channel "cheater amp". My buddy gave it to me to use and see if i could fix it. the only stipulation is i can never sell it, if i i get rid of it, it must go to another audio guy who would value it. Anyways, i hooked it up about a week ago and have no output. it has power, no protect light and the RCAs are good. i can turn the gain every which way i want but get no ouput. Multi meter reads 0 across the board on the outputs. i opened it up and see no visible damage. He last used it in 2007 and has had it stored in his house since. I'm just wondering if it would be worth getting it looked at and repaired, and if so, what would be too much to spend on repairing it? I don't need to use it, it'd just be nice to have since it is a beefy 2 channel and capable of a good amount of power for a substage. I have 3 crossover boards for it and my ms8 to fine tune everything on it. I see them going for about 2-250 everywhere. i also have a matching zr360 that has a cooked power supply. i'd probably get both fixed and use them to run my front stage active off the ms8 and get a nice mono for my subs. no idea on what the front stage is yet. any help would be awesome guys. sorry for the scatter brain post.
  8. dimethoxy

    new amp; suggestions??

    i need an amp that's $200 or less to push a single sundown sa-12, 4ohm dvc i have a hifonics hifi1000.1d but it's total shit the box is 1.5ft^3 tuned to 30hz i want enough bass but not too much i am looking at rockford r500-1 kicker zx750.1d mtx td1000.1d it's going in a 2000 honda insight any suggestions?? i want some quality but i'm also trying to save as much money as possible