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Found 7 results

  1. Anyone want to post experiences with each model, how much power, results? exc. I want an n3 like a crack head needs his fix. Seems like the BTL is what really put Fi on the map as far as spl and woofer building respect. When all this was happening I had bought my first pre-09 Q motor.
  2. cloud77

    FS: 12" BTL UFO D2

    12" Fi BTL UFO D2 Item(s) for Sale: 12" Fi BTL UFO Dual 2 ohm Item(s) Description/Condition: -pie slug style Fi UFO motor -12" 12 spoke aluminum frame painted hammered gray -PSI recone rated for 3k RMS -triple sewn leads -quad spiders -Longer coil to mimic Fi's HiXmax coil. Good for daily. Uses .25" spacers to accommodate coil length. -HD pulp cone -High roll surround This sub has been nothing but great to me. Can't say enough about it. Sadly I have just sold my amp and made a bunch of space in my trunk for a lot more business. ( (2) 12"s ) This 12" can do it all..handled my MMATS m3000.1 with ease, hit the lows, and was great for a daily woofer. Has always been on a good supporting electrical cast. I am pulling the sub tomorrow because I'll be pulling my amp as well. Can take more pictures for people with more interest then. Recone has a date of 9/xx/14 and actually didn't use it for about 4 weeks it was installed because I had to wait on a warranty claim on a battery. There is a bit of a glue splotch on the top plate, but no biggie, just CA. bottom of motor looks mint. Minimal chips in ferrite. Included is the motor boot and 12" gasket. Price: 275$ plus shipping Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: Ask me for a shipping quote Will be using UPS. US 48 only.
  3. I know there were two different designs of the ferrite sandwich in the UFO driver. Pie shaped slugs and a single slate of ferrite. I heard the single slate had more motor force. If the pie slice and the single slice were ran with the same parts would there be a problem?
  4. cloud77

    12" Fi BTL + MMATS M3000.1

    Not a build log, but my list of equipment is here on my first video of this set-up. Enjoy!
  5. I recently reconed my BTL UFO 12" with high xmax option. I used the spacers provided to space the basket .250" above the bump in the motor. I first knocked the dust cap off in a huge box I had made for my zcon. 3.1 cu ft. tuned to 32. Glued it back up and I did it again. I built a new box because I thought big box, over powering, exc. could have been the cause. Plus it didn't sound that great (anticipated) I have a box made.. 2.4 cu ft. tuned to 32. Knocked the dust cap off again today. I am using household goop to glue the dust cap. Should I go with CA? Possibility that the recone was not made to be spaced from the motor?
  6. Was thinking of inverting my BTL UFO 12" as the cutout diameter is the same size as the motor. Should I compensate box volume for this action? I may want to revert it normally in the future, but I have a show on the 17th that I will be attending and would like to show this beast motor off. Space is not an issue, as I am downsizing from my previous enclosure for my zcon. Is there an audible motor noise that comes with this? downsides?
  7. cloud77

    BTL UFO single slug spacer

    Finally got my hands back on some straight street jam material. AKA: Qs and a BTL UFO I've seen some UFO BTLs have a spacer in between basket and the motor. Is this just an adapter for basket patterns or is it a beneficial option to the sub? Excited for my new Fi experience and so is the wife =]