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Found 25 results

  1. Crescendo BC3500D is approximately six months old, has never been exposed to low voltage and has no scratches, dings or dents whatsoever. Does 3,875 watts RMS at 13.8v Xs power XP3000 battery is sitting at over 12.7v after being out of my car for several weeks now and is rated to support 3,000 watts rms power 2/0 welding wire is rated to support over 400 continuous amps of current and has already been heat-shrinked and fused for both positive and negative runs from front to back plus the big three upgrade and an additional trunk ground if you so wish to use it WIRE CAN BE HAD FOR $120 SHIPPED FORGOT TO PUT PRICE AMONG OTHER INFO ON SALES SHEET
  2. 2006 Civic 2 SSA Zcon 15" Crescendo BC5500 Crescendo C1100.4 DC Power 270Xp 2 Crescendo pwx 6.5 Crescendo 6.5 CZ Series component set clarion eqs746 I finally got everything I needed for my new build. Since I've started, nothing has went as planned but here is my progress so far.
  3. I have for sale two crescendo bc 2000 for sale both are about 1 1/2 years old good deal power by two g31 batt juciebox, and crescendo logic...pushing 2 18" ethos strapped at 2ohm never seen below 12volt...I had to push them....got warm in this hot Kansas City weather...both will come with bass noobs and one with owners books the other might be lost during a move with both boxes from crescendo...I love these things they both went to db-r for repair but nothing major I had a bad ground and thought I blew them both Crescendo BC2000D Stable down to .5ohm on strong electrical. Up to 16.8v capable on BC2000 Remote Bass/Gain knob with Clipping Indicator. Custom tooled, proprietary Multi-piece Thermal optimized Heatsink with patent pending interlocking slide-out CNC engraved top plate. 2 stage copper anodized removable top plate. Silver plated high end hard-wired Tiffany RCA inputs and oversized 1/0 Power/Ground Inputs for efficient current transfer. Overbuilt Power supply with heavy copper traces and Military spec PCB/heavy duty standoffs for extreme vibration resistance. Manufactured using some of the highest quality and most reliable electrical components, with many 3% tolerance components throughout. Full 4-Stage Intelligent protection Circuitry 1 Year/1ohm comprehensive warranty with 2 year/.5ohm optional extended warranty available. Rated Power Output(RMS) Clean RMS power on 13.8v standard electrical system: Ohm Load BC2000d 1ohm 2250 2ohm 1100 4ohm 700 Dimensions: BC2000: 16"L x 2.75"H x 9.5"W (at widest point) I want 550.00 for the pair or 300.00 each shipped no lower I'm upgrading to a bigger amp dd-m4a
  4. So I'm been on the web looking at different types of 5k amps that are linkable amps, so I can upgrade my current amp set up...I'm looking for a amp out of these new or used- dd m4a, sundown audio 4500, crescendo bc5500, dc audio 5k, ampere audio 5000.1. It has to be able to do around 3800-4000 wire down to 1.3ohms. Running 3-18s DSS ethos box is in the works.... Electrical is dual alts stock will run the truck, mid, and highs the singer 270amp will run only for the battery bank. 4 juice box blackcherry battery back, two runs of 1/0 wielding wire. ( would like more batts if space would allow) ( playing music daily and burbs on comps) I'm not looking for a father and son conversation here just wanting to know which amp would be better suited for my set up that's all thanks for reading.
  5. My current setup consists of: -Advance auto parts group 34/78 up front -stinger spp1500d in the back -mechman 270a alt -Crescendo bc2k -Crescendo c1100.4 -Knu konceptz 1/0 all around including big 3 I was wanting to upgrade to something bigger (maybe a dc level 6 18). I am tore between 2 options...(both options will have c1100.4 and same batteries plus some later down the line) 1st: -Taramps hd5000 -2 positive runs of sky high 2/0 from front to back -3 positive runs to the amp -Big 3 in sky high 2/0 2nd: -Another bc2k strapped to the other one -1 run of sky high 2/0 from front to back -2 runs of knu 1/0 or 1 run of sky high 2/0 to each bc -big 3 in sky high 2/0 I can save money going with another bc, but would the more efficient taramps be a better option? Im just curious of yalls thoughts on the taramps.
  6. antoinez28

    Wtb crescendo bc3500

    Wtb a bc3500 used...
  7. Crescendo BC2000 (2250rms @1ohm) only used for a total of maybe 2 months play time and never ran below 1 ohm. Mechanical 10/10 Physical 9/10 Amp was bought new and used for 1 month in my 79 dually and used for only a week in my new truck, 375 shipped and insured any where in US. DSS Ethos 15 D2 Sub has only 4 days of play time as of now and getting louder every day. This sub is a monster and is extremely impressive. I would put these up against almost any sub on the market right now. 275 + shipping
  8. Chops 86' Cutlass from Team IAK 4 15" SSA Zcons 4 Crescendo 3500's DOING WORK !!! Be sure to sub for future Videos!! Flexing.... Just a little Shredding a PhoneBook
  9. Now days the new Fi Q's are rated for 1500 RMS stock, 1700-1900 RMS with cooling while the AA Havoc is rated for 1250. In searching older reviews and comparisons I have read that for the most part the Havoc plays better down low but I don't know if it will handle the 1800-1900 watts RMS daily the Crescendo BC3500D will be giving it. I would like for the enclosure to be 5.0 net cubes tuned to a medium of 31 Hz either way and I prefer lower end deep and ground-pounding bass in the 28-36hz range more than anything. I want to flex my car to bitts and pieces and "feel" the music more than merely hear it. I want to violently shake everything and make it feel as though my car is falling apart on the lows. My only other consideration would be a Fi Bl but I am afraid it will be lacking on the lows for me as I mainly listen to chopped and screwed music and decaf down low (27-34hz)
  10. So I've been using both equipment for a week now. I'll start with the XCON. It is in a 2 cu. ft. Net and tuned to 32 hz. It sounds amazing from higher bass notes to the low notes. Ppl can't believe its one 12 even though they are staring at it. It has a very nice deep tone with very good accuracy. The lows are INCREDIBLE! This subs moves so much air. I haven't listened to any bass so far i didn't like with this speaker. I like a lot of rock and rap. Not to mention it looks great. Didn't seem to take long to loosen up. I love it, just wish I had one more. Now on to the amp. I previously had a mtx thunder elite 1501d running at 2 ohms. All i did was Change the sub, box, and amp. The crescendo has to be more efficient. I have it running at 1 ohm and it seems to draw about the same power at one ohm as the mtx was at 2 ohm. At 2 ohm the mtx has a birth sheet saying 1211 rms and the Crescendo is 2250 rms at 1 ohm. Very happy with that. The bc2000 seems well built. The setting knobs are smooth and the rca's fit snug. It does get almost hot after hours of playing full tilt but not to hot to touch. The pair of sub and amp sound great together. Hopefully this helps someone. Thanks for reading
  11. I may be buying a pretty much brand new DD m2b from a friend. I already have a Crescendo BC2000D. Would it be worth keeping the DD and selling my BC? Or just keep the BC and get the money from the DD?
  12. Heres a crappy Iphone video of my 2 15" SSA Icons in my Dodge Dakota on a Crescendo BC2000, Roof supports keep breaking off so theres a nasty roof rattle on the low notes.
  13. New thread for the new build, The quest for insanity continues. I wont build this one for numbers either but will be active at Meca meets and just having fun. The goal here is to be very loud, low and sound good doing it. I'm hoping for 154's but want to do it peaking low, I would like 152's+ around 30hz, but main goal is to sound good, this will not be a burp box. Updated Equipment List for this build Power / Electrical Mechman 370amp alternator, over 200amps at idle.... props to Mechman Adjustable voltage regulator set at 14.7v 4 XS D3400's, 2 XP3000's (may change that up some) 4 runs of power, 2 runs of ground to back batteries wiring is Knu ofc 1/0 and also a lot of Coleman 2/0 ofc stage cable Head Unit Pioneer deh80-prs (running active) Mids and Highs Alpine PDX 4.150 on mids, Digital Designs SS2 on highs 2 Rockford Fosgate Punch Pro 6.5's 2 Rockford Fosgate Punch Pro 8's 2 Crescendo FT1 super tweeters, may add 2 more Subs, box and sub amps 2 Crescendo BC 5500's strapped at 1.5 3 FI SP4 18's, dual 1, cooling, spaced spiders, loaded The wall will be completely double walled 3/4in 13 ply Russian Baltic Birch with 1/2in all thread bracing 19.5cu tuned to 31-33hz with 250-300sqin of port Today I picked up SEVEN 5x5 sheets of Birch (420lbs worth) and will start making cuts maybe this weekend. I wanted to get the thread up so when I takes picks I can just add as I go. The best part is I can build this in my garage and slide box in when done, add the front beauty panel, seal the edges and done. I will be removing the bed of the truck to run all thread through the box and cab to secure it. Dont need a 600lbs projectile behind me. haha
  14. Looking for a bit of advice on purchasing a new amp/amps. Ill be running a pair of D2 crossfire XSV2 15s tuned around 30hz. My dilemma is whether I would get more out of (ie more power, less rise): A pair of 2.5k amps (probably Skar 2500), bridged and wired to 1ohm each OR A single 5k amp run at .5ohm Electrical is: 2 runs 1/0 OFC (one is knu, other is memphis) and 1/0 Big 3 Kinetic HC2400 up front 3 deka group 34 AGMs in the back (55ah a piece, 750cca) 270a-320a altenator (will be added after amps) Thanks in advance for any help!
  15. Would just like to share my experience with the Evil in the first week of owning it. If you have any questions in regards to its performance or the like, just post a comment or question below. My previous setups have been, 15" SSA ZCON, 15" SSA ICON, 18" F.i. BTL ufo.
  16. This is a build I am doing for a buddy of mine. The build consists of: 2 DC Level 4 12s 1 Crescendo BC2000D Knu Konceptz wiring for everything 2 XS D1200 batteries Kenwood eXcelon DNX9990HD Stay tuned for more... And feel free to comment
  17. sps1989

    Possible Hairtrick?

    I have a DC XL m1 18 that i am wanting to put in my truck (02 Silverado 1500HD). I am thinking about taking the 60 part of my 60/40 back seat and making a box above my amp rack. I am wanting to tune to 30 hz or lower and would like to possibly do a hairtrick. Is it possible to do in my truck with a single 18? Here is what I have right now: 1 DC XL m1 18 D2 1 Crescendo BC2000D 1 Mechman 270 amp alternator 1 Stinger SPP1500D battery under the hood All 1/0 for big 3 and running to amp This is a box I come up with Would I need more port? Should I change anything else? And where should I place the port? the sub will either be facing up or forward. Should the port face forward, up, or in some other direction?
  18. hairyunicorn

    6 SSA DCON 15's Walled/92 Chevy

    This is my truck with 6 SSA DCON 15's running on a crescendo BC3500
  19. codester

    New Member up in BC Canada

    Hi, im new to SSA forms, I do a lot of reading and researching on forms but thought Id post on here because its an awesome form. So amazed with the owners interest and activity on a forum and customer service. I have a 2003 Dakota quad cab and looking to do either one 18" SSA Zcon on a Crescendo BC2000D or 2 15" SSA ICons. Big 3 done and will getting a xs d3100. Thanks, Codester
  20. So im finally ordering my dream system for my 2003 Dodge Dakota Crew Cab, Its gonna consist of 2 15" d1 SSA Icons in a box approx 8cubic feet tuned around 28hz (will be getting someone on the forum to design it. a Crescendo BC2000D, and a Kicker KX600.4 for my Hertz Hsk components, I know I need some upgraded electrical, so far Big 3 Is done in 0 guage. My truck can fit a group 27 battery but not 31 will the D2700 be adequate? alternator is stock 136 amp. Might end up getting Singer 250a but budget isnt quite ready to fork out that kinda cash. Basically I will be running around 2000 rms after rise and having speakers at 4 ohm. Is this way underkill or will it maybe be enough for now? It will be my DD with occasional demo and cranking it occasionally. Will be ordering this from SSA Tomorrow if I get some good answers. Thanks
  21. I just finished installing my SSA Carbon Fiber Convex Dust Cap and I am really impressed by the way it looks. I have not taking a listen yet, though I'm sure there won't be any audibel difference. Here are a few photos I have taken. Here is a overview of both caps side by side Here you can that the original cap is "taller". Not exactly sure how this will affect anything. In this picture, it is very hard to see, but I place the new cap over on top of the other, to show that the new cap's "flanged" is just a hair bit longer. In this photo, you can see some bubbles in the crease around the cap before the flange begins. In this photo, pretty hard to see, but really really close up, you can see these "scratches"? I'm not exactly sure where this is from lol. But you have to be really close to see. In this photo, you can see all of its sexyness In this photo, you can see one of the problems I ran into. When removing the original cap, whats left is the glue's residue? I'm not sure what to call it, but it leaves two O-type rings around the former. When trying to lay down the New cap, it would not sit flat or flush. So I was forced to chip away with a small flat head screw driver on the outer ring. The inner ring seems a bit more permanent. Here is the epoxy I just picket up from Lowe's. Seems to work really well. It got real stinky real fast. In this photo, you can see the outter ring chiped away. And here is it installed I got a bit messy This was my first time every doing this, but atleast its clear, so it doesn't look too too bad. Cosmetically though, this looks aMAZEing. Also, I will note that the cap I recieved, did not flush with the cone. It seems that the cone, and the flang are formed at two different angles. Not too too much difference, but enough to not look flush. So I had to use a little bit more glue, and push down as much as I could to try and make sure there is no gaps in between the connection of the cap and the cone. The original cone does seem a bit more "solid" for the lack of term. Like, the original cap is a hard plastic, you could knock on the back of the cap, and it would make a decent "thund". But the new cap, like, I could push it in? If that makes sense. I've never personally handled Carbon Fiber, so I don't know what to expect. Maybe bend but never break kind of thing? lol. It is extremely light though! So overall, I am pleased with this product and would definately purchase more in the future. Thank you very much SSA and Duran for allowing to me purchase another amazing top notch quality item
  22. I have a 1989 chevy caprice i want to build a box in the trunk any ideas of what type of box also i would like to get at least 4 xs batterys any ideas on group size or type xp series or D. (Will get more batterys if needed) 4 12" ssa zcon d2 2 CRESCENDO BC5500D 220AMP ALTENATOR
  23. i9z4real@yahoo.com

    How would 4 12 inch Dcons sound

    Running off 500wattsx2 bridged @ 4ohms rear channels of a crescendo1000c4. All stock electrical system 1999 volkswagen passat (I might get the big 3 upgrade if necessary). Would these subs have trouble reaching their potentional with only 500 watts split between them?
  24. Quick video my buddy "Sweendog" (think he is a member here) made last night of NT_Hardcore's '87 Blazer with 2 18" Fi BTL UFOs on 2 Crescendo Audio BC5500D. We will get a lot more footage as shows start up around here soon (daytime footage). Enjoy.