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Found 7 results

  1. Jburns2422


    Hello all!! New here and just have a quick question to get me started, picked up an 18" soundqubed sub and i'm going to build a ported enclosure with blueprints from soundqubed; problem is they don't specify what type of wood to use or the thickness, some info here would be greatly appreciated!! TIA! Jesse i included a photo of the build specs for all who is curious!
  2. I would like to introduce myself, I'm Nick from Houston. First, thanks for making an incredible place for someone like myself to learn and discuss audio. I found sundown and that's what led me here. I'm a DIY person but don't have quite as much knowledge as I should and would like to educate myself with the goal of reducing my mistakes. Car audio has changed quite a bit. My last system was 2 used 12's and amp installed in a 91 eagle talon back in high school. Oh, I also had tweeter stuck to the pillars completing my "system". So, Id like to eventually build a complete system that is loud as hell, but done the right way. So far I have 1 sundown x-10 in a 1.3cuft ported box. audio pipe 1500w mono amp. JL audio c2 components in the front doors JL c2coaxial in rear deck powered by JL 700/5 with a audio control DQ-61. 2 Stinger 4/o powers & Grounds for ea. amp. I installed it all myself with lots of trial and error. The only aspect im happy with is the SUB, even with the150.00 amp. Sorry for the long intro. I look forward to all the great advice and I am anxious to learn from everyone willing to offer some advice.
  3. ObTechAudio

    New Member in Utah

    Hey guys, New Member here in Utah. Running all Soundqubed gear
  4. freeman1


    Hello, I heard good things about this site from the people on caraudio so I though i would give this site a try.
  5. hayestc

    Hello from Albuquerque

    Hi SSA, I have been looking around car audio forums and have decided that this would be the best place to join as I am trying to get honest answers to some questions that I have about a system that I want to build. A bit of background on me. I am a resident of New Mexico and have a degree in EE. I have always enjoyed listening to all types of music and consider myself, at least somewhat, an listening enthusiast. I had an '03 Toyota Matrix upgraded with two of the OLD Alpine type R 10" subwoofers, Alpine head unit and a whole host of different components powered off a 45W alpine 4 channel amp. Alpine fan at the time. I currently have an '08 Chevy Cobalt Coupe with fully upgraded exhaust, read LOUD, and completely stock, read SUX, stereo which I am looking to upgrade. I did the custom look with everything exposed on the Matrix but I am looking to keep everything as stock looking as possible in my Cobalt. (Don't want it to be a target.) I will be starting another thread to ask about speakers and such for my listening style, hard rock to heavy metal including Double Bass and Violin. Thanks, Hayestc
  6. francher

    Help w New sound system

    Hello everyone, I have exactly 2k to spend on a new system. I'm not sure what to buy exactly, I'm looking for good speakers(x4), a single 15 with an enclosure and an amp that can hold all of that. What would you guys prefer?
  7. codester

    New Member up in BC Canada

    Hi, im new to SSA forms, I do a lot of reading and researching on forms but thought Id post on here because its an awesome form. So amazed with the owners interest and activity on a forum and customer service. I have a 2003 Dakota quad cab and looking to do either one 18" SSA Zcon on a Crescendo BC2000D or 2 15" SSA ICons. Big 3 done and will getting a xs d3100. Thanks, Codester