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SPLMAX Show, May 24-25, Chester WV

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Didn't see it posted, so I thought i'd post it up for everyone.

All info v.i.a SPLMAX-SAM over on CA.com


SPLMAX SHOW - MAY 24 & 25, 2008

Mountaineer Resort Casino - Chester, WV

There is 3 different competitions so there is a lot to do. We have rates and package plans to meet almost anyones budget.


Car Stereo Competition

Indoor competition. Rain or Shine event.

Indoor (in/out priviledges) and outdoor parking. Indoor bathrooms and food vendors. Electricity is available.

Sam Horn (SPLMAX)

1x Bass Race - Saturday

2x Bass Race / SPLMAX CUP - Sunday

3x dB Drag Racing (both days)

Greg Zoller (U.S.A.C.I.)

2x Outlaw (both days)

2x Street Beat (both days)

2x Port Wars/ Super Port Wars (both days)

Side Shows

Kar Karaoke - Saturday

Jeeepordee - Saturday

Mountaineer Resort Casino

258 deluxe accommodations

multitude of restaurants

over 3,000 slot machines

full table games (new)

horse racing

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How the hell does WV have so many damn shows?

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do you know what the physical address for the mountaineer is all Ive got is WV2 I need it for my GPS unit and the termpro forum is down

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