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Blow-through in my bagged 95 fullsize chevy

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Well I want my back seat again so Im doing a blow through. I have a bagged 95 ext cab chevy. My sub is an 18" BTL and my amp is a Kicker KX2500.1. I have dual optimas and 0 gauge wire. Batteries and amp will be hidden under the rear seat.

Heres what im starting with



Box Design(I put the sub on the other side



How the front will look


The truck



Now I wanted to sound deaden it really bad (RaaMat) since everything is torn out, but it wasnt in the funds($400 for the kit)..I have some stuff that I will throw on the back wall to reienforce it and next spring Ill get it done.

Night 1(Tuesday). Tore the entire thing apart, didnt break a single clip, pretty proud of that. The seat turned out really good IMO..need to get a few more cans of the duplicolor fabric paint. It doesnt feel the greatest, but until I can find a leather seat it will fit in nicely. The black carpet will be here tomorrow, but not going in until after paint. Im not going to pull the headliner, just spray it in there since everything is going to be gutted. less work and less chance of messing it up. The rear seat will work nicely, plenty of room for the blow through, batteries fit nicely under the seat, as well as the amp. Ill put a board under the seat to cover everything up. A knock of of mannie fresh..1 18 aint see no wires, then I heard boom from the amplifier..should be clean as hell


when i started, pulled the seat



clean carpet.black going in when i get the truck back from paint


no more box. can see what was left from my rear window when it shattered


what i had to use 2 reach the side screws holding the box down.ghetto


sub and amp


compared to a 12 oz can


getting it gutted


Seat..still needs a few coats but its way better then a stained grey seat


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Pulled everything out just to make stuff easier, clean up the plastics, put some foam tape behind then etc..Going to weld a steel bar along the back wall to strengthen it. it flexes a ton already

Still need some more cans to finish the seat. Where the hole in the wall will be.


plenty of breathing room behind the seat


testing the batteries under the seat




amp fits nicely



Where is everything? dont mind the little yellow spot lol


Going to paint the visors as well. stained with coffee from previous owner..as is the rest of the truck


An Idea of how it will look. Keep in mind it will always be darker in the truck wit the 5% tint and not a flash lol


All the **** I pulled out



Few random pic.where the truck and I live


moms ride


dads ride and house


My puppy Chevy


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Got the box built tonight. Everything worked out really good. All I have left is bolt the sub in, run the wires, then put on the front and top of the box..once thats done I can set it in and figure out what Ill have to make for a front to bring it into the cab, then cut the hole in the wall..Should get that done tomorrow.









New black carpet came today


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Thanks guys..

Well the truck is painted, but it came out way to flat. Its supposed to be a deep satin/flat finish..Its going back to the body shop on Friday to get redone. It should look more like the tailgate and the front end..



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I will forsure..I was so pissed when he fudgeed up the paint..I couldnt do much about it because the shop is up at school, which is 3 hours away, and i came home for the summer the next day..hopefully it comes out right this time

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looks like the house from iron man, lol, the outside anyway...

man that truck is nice without the sub, lol

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Got it finished tonight..well mostly. It will be getting pulled out tomorrow night since the truck is going to paint on friday. Everything fit great. This thing sounds amazing now. It hits as tight as a 12, but gets so much deeper then before. For the first time in a long time my ears hurt..Going to have to brace the back wall forsure..I will try to get a video tomorrow. it was 1015 and the neighbors dont like that **** that late haha. Im going to love it since you cant see any wires or anything..and the back seat will make the truck feel alot bigged. The truck also rides a lot smoother with a little weight in the back.

T-nuts and bolts to hold the sub ni


farewell picture


Nice to be able to stand through the bed haha


back done


me and the grinder are great friends


finishing box


almost ready


there she is


Still need to finish up around the opening a little to seal it..will do that once its put back in


seat down


seat up..sounds better and louder with the seat up..theres plenty of room back there for it..no officer I dont have a sound system?


i didnt have a mm to spare on the depth..it was exactly on the edge of where i cut for the notch...will be sealed and bedlined once the truck comes back from paint..any questions just ask. Im so pumped right now to actually have it sound good again.After paint the interior will be re-installed and look so much cleaner then before..cant wait


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congrats and thats awesome it worked out on the first try

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hell ya it was a good feeling..I need to make THE part that comes into the cab a little shorter so i can fold the seat up to acess the amp and batteries..it will all be pulled back out tonight so i can finish the box while the truck is at paint. I just cant get over how it sounds. the tightest sounding 18 ive ever heard..and it hits the notes from 80 hz down to the 20's

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Im really happy how it came out. I cant wait to have the truck back from paint so i can put everything back in for good and have it lookin nice and clean..until i pull the sub out for winter to put in my tahoe lol..thats a whole different project there..its just crazy how much better the sub sounds. I think with it being back further and not next to your head it helps. Its so crisp..tighter then any 12 ive heard.

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what about cab and bed road flex... the bed and the truck tweak at diffrent times... . the way you have it there is little room for movement you dont think it will be a problem?

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There is about 1/2" of room a the top and bottom and a little bit on the sides..the rubber boot has some give around the edges as well. At this point im not exactly sure, but it should be alright..worst case it would only mess up the littke "port" I built and that would be an easy fix..Ill look into that though thanks for mentioning it

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didnt get anything done last night really. worked on a few little things here and there. Tonight im pulling it all back out to finish off the box and make it water proof. the truck goes for paint today as well..ill have some updates hopefully

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Well the truck was dropped off at the paint shop on saturday..should have it back friday or saturday of this week. Cant wait to get this thing all back together.

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So far it all looks great! hope they do the paint right this time!

Good luck with the rest :neil:

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