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12v Electronics

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12v Electronics

I Purchased a lightly used set of HAT L61-2. They will not be installed until later this year, so I cannot comment on condition of the speakers, but upon initial inspection they seemed to be in pristine physical condition. The L6s were individually packed in their original boxes with original packing materials. The heft of these boxes made me reminisce of days past when I used to lift heavy rocks to toss into the local watering hole to watch the waves they would make. The L1s were included, paired in their original box. I held them gently, as you would a butterfly, half expecting them to fly onward.

They arrived mere days after the purchase was completed in a small cardboard box. The box was rectangular, but not perfectly cubic. It was professionally packed with pink packing peanuts. The kind of pink that makes you think of a baby girl's room.

As for Tom, while we spoke only via PM, it was easy to imagine him sitting at his computer chair, typing more than just a 5-o'clock shadow gracing his lower jaw, speaking in his deep, soothing voice, allowing any concerns of purchasing speakers to slide away like the tide on the late-afternoon beach. His gentle demeanor allowed him to wait patiently as I dug through the couch cushions in order to fund the transaction.

In short, the only way I could be happier with the transaction would be if they sent perhaps a little person along to pleasure me while I type this review.

Bravo 12v Electronics! Bravo!

I hate boring reviews

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