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Noob Need HELP w/ Prices and Good Quality Subs and Amp

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hey aiight...so im a noob at all this sorry to say if any dissappointed or anything...but my cousin got me hella interested in this kinda stuff...like seriously he had one sub woofer like top of the line and it rocked my world! it literally vibrated my eyebrows and funny thing is...all of the good quality subs my friends speak of like: sony xplode, JL, JBL, anything like that was crap...

let me tell you it was one 12" sub and and hit HARD and it was CLEAN!

so...i was definitely wondering if anyone...ANYONE can help me out with some really good quality subs and amp for roughly eh $1,000.00

thanks for any help i've been looking into subs for the longest time...so any info would help.


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I would bet you a paycheck that it was a sub from any one of the manufacturers on this forum, start with Fi for subs though they seem to be getting the most hype. Sundown is sick nasty for amplifiers too.

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