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Team NorthEast SPL will be having their 1st triple point event in New England on Sunday May 16th. This event is sponsored by DC SoundLab.

New England SPL will be there to run the meter for this event. Rob Woolcot (ThorsHammer) will be the TNESPL Official 3X Judge on hand. Registration begins at 9am and ends at 12:00 am SHARP, judging should be underway by noon. All vehicles WILL BE INSPECTED prior to making any SPL runs, this is a certified event and ALL RULES will be followed. Make sure you are there on time, NO ONE will be allowed to compete in the SPL format until they have been inspected.

The event will take place at the Porter & Chester Institute

WaterChase Dr

Rocky Hill CT 06067

There will be both the TNESPL SPL format and NESPL's SLAMMIN BASS at this show.

Entry fee's will be $30 for the SPL and $20 for Slamnmin Bass, $40 for both.

Trophies will be handed out for 1st - 3rd in all SPL and Slammin Bass classes.

There will also be a trophy Highest DC SoundLab SPL of the Day, meaning the loudest DC set up of the day will win this 4 post trophy.

Per TNESPL rules, competitors must have their membership paid within 14 days of this event to keep their points towards Finals. Membership forms will be available at the show and can be paid for at this time, the TNESPL membership fee is $30 for the 2010 season. It is recommended that everyone have their memberships paid for before the event takes place. To check the rules and classes or to buy a membership Check out their main webpage, Team NorthEast SPL.com.

This event is part of a large charity car show, they will have several items being raffled off for charity. DC SoundLab is donating a DC 15" Level 4 to the raffle, so bring some $$ for the raffle tickets.

The rain date for this event is set for the following Sunday, May 23rd. Hopefully we won't need it, but with several shows last year getting rained out it's a good idea.


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