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Latest run 1500D BR IN / OUT

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Hey guys,

Found out that at least some of the latest run of 1500s have the BR IN and BR OUT reversed. If you got one recently and plan to strap it I would check it out to see if you are affected. This has no effect on the regular inputs and is only important for strapping.

This can be easily fixed DIY or you can actually just flip the cables to the opposite BR plug and just use it that way.

If you want to fix them so that the labels on the side panel are correct this is what you do :


* This one is correct - the cables go blue, black, black, green


* This one is not correct - notice it goes green, black, black, blue


* The plastic plug around the pins is backwards and the connector only plugs in one way so this piece needs to be flipped around. You can pull it off carefully with needle nose pliers and put it back on just as carefully as not to bend the pins.


* This is how it should be

I wasn't notified by anyone until this weekend so it may only be a few amps -- but just in case take a look at yours if you plan to strap it to make sure.

You can also simply use the BR IN as the BR OUT and vice versa if you don't want to mess with the plug.

We can also fix it if you are not comfortable doing it.

This is ONLY the newest run of amps -- all amps shipped after today will be checked over so if you are planning to get one after now it will have been fixed if necessary.

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No, this has nothing to do with any presale. Only a few of the most recent saz-1500s that were shipped have this problem.

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