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Mark LaFountain

Ford Expedition by Fishman

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“The title of this article should be Cat Fish,” Dave “The Fishman” Rivera jokes. “That’s because I can’t be stopped. I must have nine lives.” The Fishman is talking about himself here, and the many trials and tribulations he’s experienced in more than 20 years in the car audio business, but he could also be talking about the Fishedition. What started as a leased vehicle platform for his Fish Camp students to show off their stuff has become, after numerous iterations and more than few years in the garage, what you see on these pages.


From the outside, the Fishedition, built entirely by The Fishman at Fish Audio in Fresno, CA, appears to be your run-of-the-mill hip-hop cruiser. Pearl white paint applied by Finish Masters of Fresno, CA complements well the 26-inch KMC rims and Pirelli 295/25 ZR26 tires. It looks great, of course, but it belies the brilliance that lies within.


The first thing that you’ll notice—and the thing that the Fishedition is now famous for—is the Apple iPad in the dash. When the current installation was almost complete, Dave saw an ad on TV for the iPad and immediately began brainstorming a way to incorporate it as the source unit. Of course, there were no models available so he went down to his local Apple store and measured the display unit, drawing some strange looks from the staff. The iPad sits in a motorized mount set into the dash for easy removal (Fish made a custom pin connector for easy plug-in of the device) . Inside the iPad, Dave has 125 movies, 600 songs and a clutch of pictures stashed. To keep everything sounding sweet, the iPad is connected to an Arc Audio XEQ equalizer, mounted in the custom-built center console below the climate control and above the sunglass holder, one of the few holdovers from the Fishedition’s previous life. Video signal from the iPad runs through RCA cables to an Apple TV unit in the VIP area. More on this later.


Now I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “This sounds cool, but what about a motorized rack to hold my watches, cologne, rings and other daily necessities?” The Fishedition has you covered. Apparently Dave was out and about in the truck (yes, it’s a daily driver) and was asked suddenly to take a meeting. So he added this rack so that he’d always be ready for whatever life wanted to throw at him. Meeting, party, photo shoot—there’s nothing he can’t handle now. Of course, being the Fishman sound is going to be important as well, so Dave installed a set of Arc Audio 6000 6.5” components plus tweeters (27mm) in each door in custom-made kick panels.


Moving into the back, or the VIP area, things really get nuts. The first thing you’ll notice is that the rear seats have been pushed all the way to the back of the vehicle, practically flush with the hatch, giving the interior the look of a stretch limo. Take a seat, relax. Now you’re looking at a 26-inch Vizio flat panel screen, which has just risen from behind the seats via motorization, displaying video from the Apple TV unit hidden under the bar. Did I forget to mention the bar? Under the Vizio there’s a bar, complete with shot glasses, accoutrements and alcohol. “Girls love Patron,” the Fishman explains when I ask about the bottle selection. “A buddy of mine drinks Hennessy and of course I like Jack Daniels, but girls love Patron. There was a bachelorette party in here once and they killed the Patron in like five minutes.” A miniature fish tank completes the look. A motorized drawer slides out from below the bar to reveal a humidor. The entire bar area can be concealed inside a motorized cover. Very slick. On either side of the bar is a set of Arc Audio 6000 6.5” components plus the same tweeters, arrayed to appear like a pair of home theater speakers. The audio system is active; there are no passive crossovers.


You’ll also notice all of the extensive aluminum piping that appears through the interior of the Fishedition. Dave got the idea after seeing a large crane while driving. He estimates there are more than 50 aluminum pipes inside the vehicle, with each pipe taking around four hours to fabricate. The pipes sit in handles, made from acrylic, and even the steering wheel. The handles add a unique look to the tan interior, as well as to the upholstery, which was done by Classic Interiors of Fresno, CA. A Kenwood KOS monitor allows access to the motorized items, and a wireless keyboard, also ceiling mounted, allows for rear-seat control of the video. A variety of custom “Fishman” logos round out the interior.


With all of the rear cargo space occupied by the rear seats, Dave got clever with amp placement. Four Arc Audio Zeff Signature Series 4200SE amps total were installed in the vehicle, two under the seats and one on each side in the wall of the interior. One amp runs the highs, two handle the mids and one is dedicated to the four Arc Audio 10D4 10” subs, which are arrayed side by side in a sealed, 3.8 cubic foot box and fire out of the rear of vehicle. Custom grilles emblazoned with the Fish logo finish the look.



Completing the install are two Tsunami batteries, mounted in the front stock location and in the back rear corner near the amps. A Tsunami high-output alternator and Tsunami wire, interconnects and cable keep everything humming.

Dave, who likes to listen to salsa, reggaeton, 80s rock and love songs, estimates he put about 5000 hours of labor and around $225,000 into the Fishedition, bringing new meaning to the term, “suffering for your art.” For that’s truly what this is: a work of art.

Dave would like to thank Arc Audio, Metra Electronics, Kenwood, Dave at Soundspeed, Clovis, CA for the wiring, and Classic Interiors.



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i love when you post things like this.. but for some reasons the pics wont work anymore...

the vid looks awsome.. LOTS of time.. and money... i hope to find more on this suv

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