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2 hours ago, frogcase2002 said:

Of course I would like to look good to but health is my main concern

Eat 6 meals a day, basically every 3 hours with a focus on protien from animals and piles and piles of vegetables.  

2:1 ratio of veg to meat by weight is usually a good start.  If you eat a lot of leafy greens this might change.  Get loads of healthy fats from things like avocados.  Don't buy into any kind of processed foods.


Also cut out sugar and starch unless it's from a low calorie fruit or vegetable until you find yourself loosing too much weight.  Then you can add it back in.


Aim for roughly .33 grams of protein per pound if you don't exercise much.  If you get a few hours a week of good exercise, get .5 grams per pound, and if you are working out daily shoot for .75-1 gram per pound.  That's not for performance, only health mind you.


I don't think that's what you wanted to hear but it's absolutely the way to go.  If your still struggling 3 months from now we need blood work and even then you would want to see a doctor.  That would be like giving your car a tune up every day and putting only the best fuel in.  If you still don't like the resuts... Then we gotta start doing some bolt on mods.  ;-)

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