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fi bl 12 on hifonics hfi1500d

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ok i decided i want to go with the fi bl 15 inch but i want to know if anyone can help me with the box i want to know what is the best port lenght and stuff the max depth is 15 and width is 35 and height about 17-18 its going in an 04 gto thats why the box has to be small i would appreciate any help i just want to build a good box for the sub

why dont you just buy my Fi BTL 15"? its less than a new BL?

a box like that is awesome. you can end up calulating your port with your net cubes easily. most guys will run a larger port on the bls typicall 16sq in per foot

however you may want to give it some longevity and set it at 13sq in of port tuned to 35hz

if i would have known before i would have boughten it from you but i already got my bl

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