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Handcrafted Car Audio

2008 Lexus IS250 Double Din

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Did this one last week. It was actually quite a bit easier than I thought it was going to be, hardest part being prep for paint but the radio bolted right in and removing the circuit board from the factory deck allowed the climate control to work like normal without stashing the whole radio someplace. Here's the pics.


The victim




Here's the circuit board that needs to be removed. Just unplug the ribbon cable at the front, remove two screws and it lifts right off.






I made a little ABS box to house the circuit board and cut out a hole for the Molex plugs to peek out, making the installation much easier.



Here's the radio all bolted in place.


Just getting an idea of where I need to cut.


After all the cutting and grinding. I chose to leave the top part on so that it could still clip into the factory panel like normal. I tried to leave the bottom on, but due to the angle of the deck, the bottom part made the sides bow out a bit.


A close-up of how I chose to fill in the little circles. After grinding the surface flat, the factory plastic was a little thin for me to trust a plastic adhesive. So, I made a piece of ABS to go a little bit further behind, secured that with CA glue, put some nice deep gouges all around and then packed the hole with UPOL filler. Sorry, I didn't take any pictures of this part, but I'm sure you get the idea.


I also had to modify these little silver pieces on the sides of the dash so that the new radio did not push them to the side, causing gaps.


I mounted the a/c box to the radios mounting brackets. It fit perfectly.


The harnesses came up over the top and plugged in.



Here is the piece all painted and installed.



Factory change drawer opens and closes no problem and the screen opens easily.



And a couple of shots of the car just because I think it is particularly bad ass.

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nice job, looks really good. nice looking car too

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Looks factory :D

Stuff like that is so dreading to me. I agree the car looks awesome, black roof and wheels

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Great Work!! Turned out really nice!!

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Holy Wow. Great Job. I could only with to have the enginuity to pull something like that off.

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hmm, glad i didnt get the 4200 didnt know the cd opening wasnt above the screen.

But hey if tilting the screen wrks for u go for it.

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