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favorite brand names

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H/U- Ive got a pioneer which is pretty nice, but Alpines gotta be my fav

Subs- Soundplinter rl-p hands down or w7 if you got an unlimited budget

Amp- elemental designs, although the company is really starting to piss me off. amps are still solid though. Then theres always the jl slash series if pirce isnt an issue

comps- dynaudio or diamond. Havent heard too many but these are the best i've heard so far

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RE- Good chit, im the dedicated RE whore, and now they are coming out with teh shizzle amps.

Ascendant- Ive only heard the atlas, yet to hear an avalanche but i have an 18 on the way...sapposed to be good chit and the price is unbeatable.

Hifonics- Lookng for a budget amp with a good number in the power section? look no further. Brutus series is great for the money and the XX Colosus... i have wet dreams over that amp.

Tru Tech- ive heard their tube amps, which i loved for rock, and the SH-1 is just so bad ass...i wish i had the money to buy their stuff. i just get to drool at car shows.

Pheonix Gold- same hting as hifonics, good amps at a great price, they have some great solid state amps for mids/highs for the price...

JL- if i had a chit load of money id have a pair of w713's and 2 JL 1000/1's above most things audio right now...but i dont so i get my good chit from internet/factory direct companies

DDaudio-teh wang...thats all you have to say...dominated the SPL scene for years, even before i even knew how a speaker worked led alone about 170+ dB vans.

Crystal-damn great componets

adire- MSRP price raise or not their old chit was great and im sure the new stuff wont be disappointing :D

well that is my fav brands that i have a good ammount of expernece, wether it be drooling over at car shows or helping install.

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make some of the best drivers for the price (HD series is basically Digital Designs 9500 series)

x2 about the brutus, that thing was unbeatable for the price


That's right, I said it. Opti line of amps puts out good power for realll cheap. You can't beat 2 opti2000ds strapped at .6 ohms to make 4000+ wrms for under $700, period. Next best thing would be a Colossus @ 1ohm, making like 3500rms for $750.


I <3 their 8300 HU, 3 of my friends and I all run it, never had problems, really solid for how cheap it is, descent SQ even with built in amp. Blew up my audiobling tweets! Now I run PYRAMID yes pyramid aluminum tweets, they were $10 and sound better than my friends basic bottom of the line JL tweets.


Can't forget about their components. Really, REALLY hard to beat in terms of SQ.


I am in love with the MDT-20, made some home audio speakers for $150 for the pair minus the wood and caulk and screws. Best sounding home speakers I have heard for under $500, and they're bookshelves!


Gotta love everything JBL. Kaboom box is teh awesome! It is hooked up to my Alesis ION synth right now, it wangs with those dual 6.5" subs!


One of the best values in DIY. Hopefully I'll run their midbass in my car soon.


Top notch products, a bit pricey compared to others but really solid preformance.


Simply CANNOT be beat for the price. I plan on running either 1 or 2 10" titanic subs in my car off a hifonics zeus zx6400. Thier midbasses are really good preformers, tweeters are 2nd only to Morel and ScanSpeak, but for the price there is absoloutely NO comparison, Dayton wins hands down for price to preformance ratio. I could make a comp set out of Daytons for less than $200 incl. crossovers that would whip the snot out of JL XRs. I don't like metal tweets anywho (even though I have them in my car, ugh). Did I mention they're cheap?


Brutus series is teh awesome for the money, Gen XX series is just unbeliavable. Can't say a lot for their subs/comps because I haven't heard them, but I have heard good things about the square Atlas series.


Hyper pros blow you away for their modest $30 price tag! Super pros are always fun to do hairtricks with 8 15" $40 subs! I made up the hairtrick part, but I bet you could do it? And it would be cheap! Hyper pros = teh own for budget bangin. SQ is non-existant, but they get loud, at least for the price.

did you guys all forget about


Used to be the best sounding HU on the market, still a great value and great SQ. I like the premier dex-p9 now tho.


XXX sounds teriffic, and DAMN my SE 15" got loud on 450wrms (from a brutus bx1000d)...The guy at the car audio place that holds comps said it was at least 140db, probably low 140s. 12" XXX shakes my friends sonoma like you wouldn't believe, hurts the heck out of your ears at 30hz with 1500wrms (from a bx1800d), incredible output with no distortion. SX gets hella loud, MTs take a beatttting, RE series is a great value, amps are top notch, XXX comps I have heard are a bit overrated, RE series comps are a bargain from what I have read, never actually heard their comps.


eh, I have read lots of bad and only some good, personally I wouldn't buy them, but people have liked their products, and I won't bash a company from experience.


Overpriced. Can do better for the money in ANY situation. W7 is good but doesn't live up to the hype. I will take an XXX and the remaining $400 any day. If you have a JL hookup where you get all their stuff 60% off that things would be quite different. XR comps have good bass but overall are not that impressive.


Amps are great, inputs on the 2500d blow with more than about 6v tho, thats about the ONLY bad thing with orion. H2s seem delicate. HCAA amps were teh win.

Also everyone forgot


APX subs are just plain LOUD. No two ways about it, just LOUD.


Finest SPL on the planet, you can only get them now adays if you have a hookup, the ultimate underground LOUDLOUDLOUD sub.

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HU:ALPINE, Pioneer, Nakamichi

X-overs/EQ's: Audiocontrol EQX, DQT, EQT, 6XS, Alpine PXA-H 701, F1 status, Orion, PhoenixGold

AMPS: McIntosh, PPI, Lanzar, Genesis, Milbert, TRU-Tech - A, AB class, DD, GroundZero, SPL DYNAMICS D -class

Speakers/subs: JBL GTI series, TREO SSX series (made 2 WR this year with model SSX12.22), DigitalDesigns 95xx and 99xx, JL series 6 and 7 v2, RE

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HU: Nakamichi, Eclipse

Amps: Arc, JL, Brax, Genesis, Diamond, McIntosh

Woofers: Adire, Dynaudio, Diamond, Focal, Image Dynamics

Speakers: Adire, Dynaudio, Image Dynamics, Diamond,

wire/interconects: Stinger

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Head Unit: Alpine

Full range amp: Rockford Fosgate

Component Speakers: Umm, I don`t know cos I`ve never had what I regard as a proper quality component set up & I`ve only had the JBL GTO Mk II. The best set I`ve ever heard were made by Fusion.

Sub Amp: PowerBass / Directed

Subwoofers: Digital Designs / Stereo Integrity / RE XXX / Death Penalty / Eminence Bass Pumps & LTD MK1.


Redflash 3500 (Equivalent of the Stinger SP1700, so I`ve been told)

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well i loved Monitor 1 but hard to find all the amps now

Diamond Audio is a good amp brand and good speakers

Stereo Integrity, of course i got to like them ....its always a joy to listen to music with the SI Magnum

CDT Audio- probably some of the best performance/price speakers i can find and well, i'm a dealer

Eclipse-some of the best HUs and the warranties are good

Tru Technology- never used one personally for more than 10mins but who can argue with John Farichild

ED- solid products at good prices, if they ever go back to the flatcones i'll grab some for HT

concept audio- not bad amps at all, good power

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im surprised that only one person mentioned

SOUNDSPLINTER i cant say enough good things about them the quality and customer service from them is absolutely amazing

Alpine headunits

Focal or a/d/s Speakers

and hands down best amps ever made are the Diamond Audio D7 series

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I have heard a lot of things over the years.

HU - Alpine and Eclipse. I don't like Pioneer's face layout and Nakamichi are not reliable.

Amps - I am looking forward to seeing what Incriminator Audio 20.1's can do ;) Aside from that, I like the old RF's like the 1000a2, the 1000.2, Zapco and Kicker ZR series.

Components - CDT, PG Elite. I would like to hear some Koda's :D

Wooferage - where do I start :D For me there are 3 companies that I think are untouchable when you take their products and service into account together. Stereo Integrity, Incriminator Audio and Digital Designs. Between them, they make some of the strongest woofers out there.

I would like to heard what AudioQue's can do. I hear good things :D

I think this thread should be more about what I would like to try in the future as opposed to what I like now :D

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autotek pre-blackmaxx

gs designs




powerbass xtreme

crystal cmpx2

pa mofo

gs designs d series

fosgate punch hx2

premier tsw5000spl




planet audio (for a cheap deck its worth it)

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i like to stick with a couple brands that way i cut the others out and i wont have to take a year to decide on what system i want. you guys know what im sayin all about them decisions

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Clarion HU's-I've had two of them and love them both.

Ascendant Audio

US Amps

Arc Audio

KnuKonceptz wiring

I will not try anything from eD or Hifonics. Personal choice.

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for home audio:


Wisdom Audio



Energy / Mirage / API

Rockets / Onix





for pro audio:





for car audio:



favorite company:

TC Sounds :)

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HU: Pioneer

Amps: PPI old school especially for mids and highs, Loving my buttkicker for Sub amp right now

Components: a/d/s I have 345cs's and wouldn't have anything else

Subs: TC Sounds, Ascdendant Audio, Mach 5

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kind of neat to see what people liked in the past as to what they like now heh.

Im digging the Alpine HU's they have always been very good to me.

Im on a kicker kick (pun intended) so far they have been good to me as well

Tsunami for all my wiring needs my system is crystal clear.

future possible favorite to be:

Im liking Sundown's amp reviews and specs ,but haven't used them yet. (yet)

Fi has my full attention now with the Q bp, yet again good reviews and specs. I will be using Fi in next install.

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Head units: Alpine, Pioneer, Eclipse CDx000 series

Amps: Kicker ZX (rock f*ckin solid amps), eclipse, hifonics, us amps, JL slash series, polk audio, MTX Thunder Elite, PPI

Speakers: DIY (dayton, audax, tang band...), Polk audio (except the DB series), MB Quart, Focal, Infinity Kappa/Perfects, Rainbow audio, Image Dynamics, Diamond Audio

Subs: RE, FI, RF T series, Kicker, Alpine type R and X, Ascendant audio, JL W6

Wiring: Tsunami

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My favorite brands. I know, cause I own/owned them.











Old Soundstream

Old Cadence

Old Lanzar

Edited by dopey

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Rita's Italian Ice



Keen/Asics (shoes)

Food Network


Sundown Audio


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/////Alpine FTW


Boston Acoustics

Memphis M-Class

Diamond Audio


Digital Designs

Memphis PR

Kicker CVX and up






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Pioneer - my new

Alpine - my first

Infinity - the only speakers I've ever used

Treo - new found love

Hifonics - great power for the money

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