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favorite brand names

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Old thread? Last post 2016?

Cadenence was one of the first mentions I have two I like. A 4 channel with Bluetooth and backlit filter panel. A 2200 watt monoblock that has been strong. Nice looking good features tricky terminals. Inexpensive but seems ok. 

Alpine amps because the power is high not rated at 1 ohm then a fraction of the power at 4 and rated distortion is low the lowest I see published. I stay away if amps don’t list THD or if it’s 1%. 0.003 is nice. 

Alpine type R speakers because the small magnet helped installing in a tight spot also nostalgia. 

Clarion head unit nice features low price matched original factory tape. 

MTX 9500 Thunder. I done know much on subs but they look cool are huge have the best terminals I’ve seen and easily Out performed my Type R

JL iwhen on sale not the worst in its category  C2 sounds ok for a mid priced. They are built just up the road in miami so their neighbors  a recognized name for most people looking at your stuff  

Audicontrol seems to be a game changer  

NVX amps have good numbers for power and distortion and affordable. I’ve seen there stuff with other manufacturers names on them like Polk and Fosgate. 

Ortfon M2 Red cartridge for Vinyl when you’re spinning. 

Martin Logan speakers. Try them once. 

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