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Somewhat creative bracing with BTL 18's.

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shrink up that port area and give it more box :) trust me it will be much better :) go to a 4 x 40 or 3.75 by 40. will give a much more flat response :) port area is over rated :P

had a no wall set up and we kept shrinking port and enlarging box and it just kept gaining. i think he was down to 140 sq of port and 13 cubes, oh and 2 saz-4500s at .7 each :) getting about 3000-3500 to each sub. was spectactular. now hes got a wall and the testing seems to be reacting the same. we keep shrinking port area and we keep gaining. keeps a flat response too.

Right, if the subs can mechanically handle more power, then more volume is the way to go to gain overall efficiency.

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just my .02$ seeing as this is what weve seen messing with these same subwoofers...

seriously tho, skip the window bracing lol not worth it in the long run. lest amount of internal bracing the better. ithis is what mr charles gross told me, internal volume doesnt mean shit. go with no bracing and make each wall multiple layers, loading wall is the most important. has paid off so far :)

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