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Quote for ported Nightshade box with flush mount and Aero ports

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I'm planning on purchasing a nightshade v2 in the upcoming few weeks and would like to get the ball rolling on a box (hopefully pick up the 10% june discount too?). I'm picking the nightshade since they seems to like the smaller boxes in the 1.5 to 2.00 cuft range. Ideal tunning would probably be something in the 30-32hz range since I really mostly listen to hiphop and I can't sacrifice my lows too much, lol. I still need to have a good part of the trunk still since I do use it for other stuff. Can I get a quote on a box and a possible design?(I don't mind paying something before I see it if that's the way you do it) I also would like to use Areo ports if possible since I'm a big fan of the look of them (and I think they will save me space as well) and a double baffle flush mount design for the woofer.

Vehicle Make and Model: 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Direct of Box/Subs: Sub and port firing out the rear

Sealed or Ported: Ported

Number of Subs: 1

Brand and Model of Subs: 12" Sundown Nightshade v2

Max Dimensions (my ideal dimensions though not really locked in stone) : 14"-15" High (I want to be able to use my roll bar to cover it from loose eyes), 30" Wide, and probably 14-15 deep (preferably closer to 14 if possible)

Port Color: Black

Flush Mount Ring Color (if flush mount is chosen): Black

Carpet Color: Any type of charcol grey would work

Zip Code for Shipping Quote: 02148

Much appreciated in advance and nice work on your boxes. I hope we can do business.

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Hello. Your looking at $170 plus shipping.

This includes flush mount, double baffle and carpet.


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