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quote for 10" dcon

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hi there, i got a DCON 1054 10" 300w single 4ohm sub and i wonder if u can build me a box.

i'm new here so please give me some advise on the box volume etc. i want to have a sound quality setting

Vehicle Make and Model:2011 accord lx p sedan

Direct of Box/Subs:sub facing front

Sealed or Ported:need opinion please

Number of Subs: 1

Brand and Model of Subs: DCON 1054 SSA 10" 300W single 4ohm

Max Dimensions:trying to save as much trunk space as possible

Port Color:??

Flush Mount Ring Color (if flush mount is chosen):

Carpet Color: charcoal grey

Zip Code for Shipping Quote: 92630



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He needs to know your max dimensions of the trunk so he doesn't build it to tall or to wide etc etc. If you only want to use a certain part of the trunk then give him the dimensions of what you want to use out of your trunk and he will work up a design. DCONS work fine ported or sealed. Ported tends to be louder with the same application but it needs a bigger box than sealed. He will also tune the port to your desire but recommended for a daily driver is anywhere from 30-35hz I went 32hz on my box. Sealed wont be as loud as the ported enclosure but it won't need to be as large as the ported box. Tends to produce more accurate bass tones. Obviously the optimal sealed box won't be as costly as the optimal ported box. Hope this helped. Make sure you take a tape measure to your trunk. All he needs is Height x Width x Depth.

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