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Strapping APSM1300 together...

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I have 2 audiopipe APSM1300s, i was running them strapped together on a 10" SSA XCON D1 (wires to 2 ohms).

So i am not sure if one of the amps dying had anything to do with strapping them, or if the moisture in the boat finally took out the amp. Basically, the amps ran fine for a couple days strapped, and then yesterday when the "Master" amp's power and protection light started flickering very fast, and the sub began making a popping sound, even with RCAs pulled out. I unplugged the remote wire, and hooked the sub up to the "Slave" amp and everything works fine. I took the "Master" amp and put it in my truck and it did the same thing.

Looking at the wiring diagrams included in the manual, I have a couple questions:

1) Im going to assume the top amp in each drawing is the "master" amp and the bottom amp is the "slave"

2) "Master" amp is the + on the speaker, "slave" amp is the negative.

Picture 1 shows the speaker wiring:


The only thing i noticed was that I hooked my speaker up to the last terminal instead of the 3rd, would that matter?

Picture 2 shows the RCA wiring:


This is what confused me. Wouldn't the "Master" amp have the signal input and remote? I hooked up my "master" amp (going to the + on the speaker) with the signal input, but I would not give enough power unless i had it plugged into bridge out?

Could my wiring have toasted an amp? When i check the ohm load at the speaker terminals a couple days before my issue, it read right around 2 ohms...

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