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has any 1 ever used Lanzar's optidrive series amplifers? if so, what are the some helpful reviews on it. is it a good amp with low THD does this amp put out what its ratted? can you let me know if it is a overall good amp for subs will this thing get low and still stay warm?

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    • By Pitt
      Hey guys what's up...so I'm new to all this car audio forum stuff and am trying to fumble f__k my way through this post....so here it is...I am old school and have all old school shit....I'm looking at powering this beast of a system.....I have all of this in an 04 toyota tundra access cab limited.....basically I have around 20k of power needs....I'm running 2 DVC 10's by cerwin vega...2 DVC 12's by cerwin vega...3 different cerwin 6.5 component systems...head unit is 10.6 inch touchscreen with every bell and whistle imaginable....for power I'm old school also with a lanzar 8k velocity amp..(2 channel) for the 10's...a lanzar 2.5k velocity amp...(4 channel) for components.....a power acoustic 10k amp for my 12's.....I have a stinger 10 Farad cap.....now my problem is how to power all this equip.....I'm looking into the deka farm batteries....there was another who posted about this same dilemma....I ask....what about rv batteries....and can I put 24 volt batteries in the bed and step them down to 12 volt....and have less batteries....I don't want to go into debt for the rest of my life trying to power this system....I have pics of all this build that I will upload as soon as I figure out how...and I think yall will get a kick and some amazement out of my enclosure fabrication...I also have fiber optic lighting inside...lighted wheel rings and underglow outside....it's a lot of juice I need and I don't want 20 batteries...what's my best solution 
    • By Ryann627
      I currently own a 2000 Chevrolet Cavalier that I am currently building a subwoofer install in.
      My complete and current installs:
      New Kenwood KDC-BT378U radio with built-in speaker amp, All new door and deck speakers. (COMPLETE)
      Big 3 Kit, Mechman 270 AMP Alternator, (1) Sundown ZV6 12" 2-OHM 2500W Subwoofer (wired to 1 OHM), One run of 1/0 gauge wire complete with fuse and capacitor), Fiberglass Subwoofer Box(Not sure what size yet, any help on this would be greatly appreciated)
      Just wondering if all the above installs with be able to comfortably power a 3000 watt amplifier to run the subwoofer properly? I know Sundown Subwoofers are underrated, just not sure if I want to over-power by more than 500W, seems safer to me like that, unless I'm wrong? Never dealt with this much power before, max was 600 watts before this build.
      Any other install recommendations? Bigger battery because it is stock? Better springs for the added weight in the rear? Box will be fiberglass but the subwoofer alone weighs 95 pounds.
      Thanks in advance guys.
    • By 121gigawatts
      I just bought a zv5 15 thinking it was dual 2 ohm and it’s dual 1 ohm. I have a few questions. First, can it be recone to dual 2? Because I read some motors are only configured to function on the original impedance. Idk. And if I can’t get it recone, can I run that amp at .5 ohm unclipped on that zv5 and not overpower it? Should I run it at 2 ohms? I hope it can be reconed to dual 2. In need of help. Thank u. 
    • By Nick88gm
      Hey guys, I'm new here but been messing around with audio in my cars on an amateur level for quite a while. I recently decided to do an amp/sub install on my newly acquired 2006 Infiniti M45. It has a factory 14 speaker BOSE system. As far as the audio upgrades I've added is as follows.
      -Sundown Audio SCV3000d amp
      -1 Sundown Audio X12 @ 1ohm in ported box to spec
      -0 gauge wiring ran to trunk to additional audio battery and capacitor
      -6 gauge wiring from amp to sub
      -LOC taped into the stock Bose sub inputs
      Problem is that the sub doesn't sound nearly as loud as it should although the sound it does produce is very clear. I went from 2 SA12's in my last car with a 1500 watt amp and was impressed so I decided to upgrade power and sub to the X12. I also noticed that the amp is clipping anytime I turn the bass boost over 1/3 on the remote dial which also has the clipping LED indicator. The gain on the amp is maybe in the 10 o'clock position and I'm really just wondering if it's maybe the signal from the Bose amp that is causing this and/or if there is a better location to tap into for the bass signal. 
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