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4 GCON or 2 ZCON 12

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Which do you feel would be best? I have a Crescendo BC3500D to power it.

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Depends on your space, goals, etc etc.

You need to give significantly more details.

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I want a lot of power without really losing any quality. 50/50. I have 15.8 cu. ft of space to work with also.

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Is this for daily driving? Competition? What vehicle is it going in? What is your music selection? Is sound quality important to you, or strictly output?

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Its a daily. 2006 Chevy Monte Carlo SS. Rap and R&B. I mostly want power but I dont want my subs to sound like s***.

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i think 2 zcons just cause i think it would be harder to make 4 12s sound as good in a trunk,

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You could easily make 4 goons sound great in a nice big enclosure with enough port area. You'd have to be creative and handy if your not having the box built for you buy someone in the field. For the sake of less stress and some awesome subs I'd say 2 Zcons would be what your looking for with the amount of room you could do 15s and have an awesome system that sounds fantastic but gets loud doing it. You'll need a good Hugh / mid amp and speaker selection.

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      ** I listen to ALL kinds of music, Decaf/DJSNT, rap, hip hop, metal, rock, 80s/90s pop, jazz, country, movie scores, blues, dubstep/electronic, classic rock, oldies, etc, etc..**
      Now... my questions are: How much port area do y'all recommend? Is 8 cubes of net volume per sub a good amount? Should I be alright running an underrated 5500 watt amp, or go with the 6500? What port orientation shall I go with? 
      If I think of more questions, I will be sure to post them. 
      P.S. Sorry if I am asking some questions that are common knowledge among these builds, but this is my first "loud" and "high powered" setup. My two loudest systems thus far have been a single Obsidian Audio 15 on about 900 watts, and 2 Sundown Ev3-12's on 1300 watts.
      Thank you for your time and patients everyone! Cheers.
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      I have 2 SSA zcons 12's D1
      These subs are absolutely amazing.
      As stated in title
      1 is working
      1 is not, burn mark in spider appears to be tinsel
      $450 + shipping for both

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      So I was coming home from work yesterday and I was bumping at a decent volume.  I started to smell something burning, but it wasn't coil.  I took a reading of the coils from the amp today and wasn't getting the correct nominal.  Took the sub out and read the coils from terminals.  One coil wasn't reading out at all, and the other was reading like 12. Took the coil out and this is what I found:

      Recone was done in November or so. This sucks.. =[
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