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Been busy lately....................

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As some may know already, we signed a lease on a new location that is much larger recently. We have been working hard to move the wood shop over and setup a few offices. It has been exciting and stressful at the same time. We are keeping the current location as an office setup and allowing the other to be more for the wood shop, packaging, shipping, and local installations.

We have been still cranking out enclosures and designs, but do to our current situation we have not been taking any photographs. We have just been working hard to get everything straightened out.

I do hope to be back in the swing of pictures and such with in a week or two, but ultimately it will depend on getting all the kinks ironed out in our new database system and running all of this from 2 locations.

Thanks everyone for the support and helping us get this far.

Do look for some sales coming up real soon as well!!

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