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Help with Box Design for (2) DD 2512c

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Hi I need some help designing a box for two Digital Designs 2512c D2

Each sub will be wired to its own hifonics brz1200d @ 1ohm

My max dimensions are:

38W X 14H X 22D

I am looking for subs+ port (centered) firing foward

I listen to rap


p.s- i plan on printing what i get here and giving that to a shop (cut list, google sketch ect.)

i dont have the right tools to do it myself

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Why fail? If this looks good to you, I'll finish up the drawings and post up the cutsheet and assembly instructions.

4cuft NET tuned to 32hz with 67.5sqin of port area. 38" W x 15" H x 23.75" D


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