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Fiberglass Materials - What you need, and what you must know! - VI

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Hey all,


Ever wondered, what weight chop mat should I use? What resin do I need? How much hardener (MEKP) do I need to add to the resin? What is it is hot? What if it is cold? Whats the best way to use fiberglass and add strength to something?


Wonder no longer my friends...


As i gear up for my door pod build I have been amassing some more fiberglass fabrication products. These products are typical of what you would see in any car audio install that involves fiberglass show I wanted to share them with you, along with an explanation of each and some answers to questions I see repeatedly online! Enjoy!



Also, here is a wonderful table that allows you to better understand how much MEKP to add to your mix.



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Besides your logos all over it, that cure sheet is a perfect knock-off of what Brian Schmitt has been handing out to his training customers for a decade.  I would say that's where you originally got the info from but you would never catch him laying torn mat on onto anything.  He ALWAYS uses a full sheet and ALWAYS wets out the mat before applying it to the work piece.   


And that roller is not for wet out it's for removing air. And that black pigment, it's for making bubbles easier to spot.

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