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Anyone at Crescendo, I need a call back or email.

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I sent my C1100.4 in on April 19th, RMA #JKC11041513. 


I called on May 1st, and was told that you guys had received it and that it was waiting to be benched.


I called on May 8th, was told that they had benched it, and were having issues resolving the problem. I was also told that if they could not resolve the issue (channel separation) by the end of the week (I'm assuming that's Friday) that I would be sent a replacement.


I called on May 14th, no answer, so I left a message.


I called on May 21st, no answer, but I did not leave a message.


I called on May 22nd, no answer, so I left another message.


I also filled out a support ticket on May 22nd. I have not yet received a response.


For some dumb reason, I forgot it was Sunday and called today. I didn't leave a message because I felt dumb.


I really need my amp, or a replacement amp, or a refund.

But first I need to talk to someone that's not an answering machine. Thanks in advance.

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