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Need help. Recommendations for an enclosure?

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I have a 15" SSA Xcon I am looking for a box for. I don't have the time or resources to build a box myself. I was wondering if anyone here can recommend a pre made box for this sub, or direct me to someone who can build one for me. Thank you for your time.

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    • By jones82joshua
      Been registered since 2010, inactive on the forums(used mostly for lurking, reading up on things). Only slightly more active on ****. Audio has been my (oft neglected) hobby for the better part of 20 years.
      Trying to scratch my itch again, after close to a year of happily owning two 15" XCon's on a SQ 1200(.25 ohm) I decided to throw a second 1200 on them, strapped at 1 ohm. Needless to say, they started to come alive, and my itch got worse, so here I am.
      I mostly listen to metal, occasionally house/techno, a little rap(a guy has to demo once in a while!)
      Previous setup(last vehicle, about 3 years ago):
      2001 Monte Carlo SS (Not measured, guesstimated around 145+)
      +.5v booster (15.1 charging voltage)
      XS Power D3400 in trunk
      Pioneer 80PRS, active
      Planet Audio BB175.4 @ 4 Ohms
         CDT HD-M6 6.7", MB Quart tweeters (can't find info)
      Crescendo Audio BC3500 @ .33 ohm
         3x Sundown Audio Zv3 10"
         ~5 cubes tuned to 37 hz

      Current setup: (141.0 on single 1200, not measured yet on both)
      2005 Cadillac SRX 4.6
      Pioneer 80PRS, active
      Planet Audio BB175.4 @ 2 ohms
         Infinity 609cs component system
      2x Soundqubed Q1-1200.2 strapped @ 1 ohm
         2x SSA XCon 15" D1
         TL enclosure designed by So Low on ****
      XS Power D3400 ~1 ft from amps
      Upgrades planned or considering:

      Swapping out Infinity components with Silver Flute 6.5(4 ohm) and SB Acoustics SB29RDC Ring Dome tweeter(4 ohm). (Already owned)
      Swapping out BB175.4 with a different amp(Incriminator IA6.4 or Crescendo C1100.4)
      Upgrading to 5k+ and possibly a third XCon.

      Anyways, I would like to say thank you to the community, and SSA, for being so helpful and informative.
    • By Smanleyman
      There are two things I have never had since I got "serious" into car audio. A 10" sub, or a decent dual sub setup. So this is my build for two 10" xcons! Im super excited, they should be finished building and arriving soon, I hope.
      I am fitting the maximum dimensions of my trunk while still being able to fold up the stock floor and access the spare tire. I was left with 3.11 internal cubic feet without sub, bracing, 45s, or port displacement. This is firing into the car, so I also needed the subs and port to be on the same face.
      The triangle port is unconventional but takes up less volume than a typical slot port inside the box and also has less port wall surface area, so I'm hoping it works out. That angle took some wizardry to figure out, and it still came out a little crooked but oh well. The "45s" are little pine cove trim pieces, figured this is the best I can do without sacrificing internal volume. I used minimal bracing but it should be enough, and undercoated everything with two cans, I honestly dont think it does anything but I like to do it on my boxes. it gives a solid completed look to the inside of the box and its extra leak insurance. 

      Final volume and tuning should be 2.4 cubes at 31 hz with 25 sq in port area. The box is a little too small and the port is a little too small, but its all the space I have. 

      Got some black base down and some custom copper orange pearl, trying my best to match the faceplate of my Crecendo BC3500. All thats left is to carpet it with black felt, wire the drivers in, and go to town!
    • By codester
      Been out of the game for a bit after selling my system,
      2x15" SSA Icons in 7.2cubes net 32hz on Crescendo BC2000D.
      Anyways Im picking up 2 12" SSA Xcons for a crazy price and want to put them in
      my 03 Dodge 3500. I only want to lose 1 seat so dimensions are a bit tight.
      32" tall x21" wide by 25" deep.
      I think I can get around 5 cubic feet net, (may be able to gain an inch or two on depth)
      question is how much port area should I aim for?
      They will be ran on low power, JL JX1000 for now so only 500rms each.
      Probably wont be adding much more as I dont have the money for electrical or space.
      if I aim for 70+ and around 5 cubic feet would that be ok?
    • By Bassboylowg
      This was a build at my old house, decided to go all out before I moved out lol. System consisted of one audiopipe apsm wired @1ohm on the xcon, powered by a couple wet cells and a battery charger. Mids and highs were ran off and Rockford Fosgate 500.2 on some yamaha bookshelf speakers @8ohms. Soundstream 7 band EQ was my main line driver/signal processing unit. 

      Played all the way down to 9hz with authority, but didn't play much above 48hz, not that I'm complaining. I'm going to be doing a rebuild for it fairly soon at my new place, with more power. Going to have strapped APSMs on the xcon, and some new batteries for some powah.
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