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Apology and good news!!

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We were surprised by the opening of a new location rather suddenly. It is larger and much nicer. After some negotiations with the owner we made the move.... TODAY!!!

Yes we moved our entire shop in less then 12 hours. Of course that is thanks to many people who were kind enough to devote their day to helping us relocate.

However, since I had a fairly good idea that we were moving we have been slowly packing and moving some of our services around to ensure we are ready to go for tomorrow.

So we have been fairly busy with both online and local clients as well as making this move happen the best we could. I have been out of the office running around making all the necessary changes for us. Unfortunately, some of the changes took place a bit early and our phone system was moved a full day early. So we have not had phone or internet service at the shop for a few days. We are now back up and running. So if you sent an email or left us a voice mail, expect some replies and returned calls through out the day tomorrow.

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