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Wall build in a 02 Vic help, feedback , thoughts?

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So im plannin on building a wall in my crown vic soon. i have a DC Power 270Xp plannin on putting 5 batts in the back 2 18" fully loaded Fi Sp4s and going to buy a crescendo 5500 along with knuconceptz Wire. will wire subs down to 1ohm together also have 4 crescendo 8" mid range speakers for the doors plannin on a few 6.5s as well super tweets planing to deaden all over using murder mat. Now onto the wall i will be sending max dimensions to BHE soon and get a wall design i am going to be aiming for about 7 if possible 8 cuft per sub tuned to 33hz also was lookin to go for 15 16 on the port vol. sorry if this is a little sloppy im on my phone ill post some pics of stuff if people are interested thank you all in advanced any help will be very much appreciated daily driven ground pounder is wat im aimin for demo friendly

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