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Help shopping for AGM battery charger.

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Hi everyone I am looking for some suggestions on a good 3 stage battery charger to charge my 4 deka group 24 AGM batteries that is good for both agm & standard flooded batteries my budget is around $100.00. Desulphation a feature I would like to have. Some of the chargers I have been looking at are the Deltran Battery tender plus ,

Battery minder 2012 agm, NOCO Genius 7200. Those are just a few in my price range I am not looking for the best charger but one that will be safe for my agm batteries that will maintain, fully charge & keep them in top condition. I would greatly appreciate some suggestions & insight from you guys.

                                                                              Thanks, Mike



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I bought a schumacher intelli charger for like 100 $ at walmart and it does me good

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