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Used Wireless SPL Meters - SPL-Lab

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We have several of the older style SPL-Lab logo Meters we need to get rid of and are marking them down considerably.


We are leaving for Finals tomorrow and will be back Monday.


The Meters will come with a software disc, charge cable and wireless dongle just like a new meter would.


These meters are lightly used for testing purposes but ensure full functionality.


We are getting rid of these for $389 shipped!


PM Me if interested and we will send invoice to be paid.


Anyone who may want one at Finals, let me know now so we can get it ready for you.

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We just recently received one of these meters back that is appeared to have an internal fault in it.


We do not sell inaccurate products whether they are new, used, leased, on sale, discounted or for any other reason without our knowledge.


Because of this, All customers who order the remaining inventory of these devices will require a 24-48hr testing procedure prior to shipping to ensure our products are up to standard without issues.

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I like thatvyour honest I would rather wait a extra day or two to make sure I get a good product I might snatch one of them up and one of your 5500s soon if everything goes right

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