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EQ/Crossover response curve graphing software

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Aside from LEAP's capabilities, is there any software out there anywhere than can graph, plot, or otherwise visually show a person what happens to the response curve (from a 0dB reference line) when they would apply say an 2.5khz LWR LPF -12dB filter, or even a 3.5khz HPF -6dB filter, or perhaps have 5 bands of parametric EQ each with the frequency, Q, and level to show what the effect those settings have on the baseline.


My thoughts is that it might help to show and understand exactly what those adjustments are doing, how much they're affecting, and maybe to help get a healthier understanding of the interaction between all the settings by being able to see it without spending crazy amounts of time graphing it out by hand on graph paper.


I've done a little searching around the web only to find there's either VERY little out there with any capability of doing this, or the search terms are just too general to elicit a good return of search items that really fit what it is I'm looking for.

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Easy to draw by hand, would take only a few minutes in Excel, and of course it is already built in to WinISD (as long as you pick a driver that is flat where you put the filter.

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