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SPL-Lab Now Advances Termlab to NEW Markets

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Since the recent public news of getting the Termlab to work with our SPL-Lab software for FREE, we have moved one step further.


WHE has never supported Mac or Linux.  We do not know why so we took it upon ourselves to do that for you MAC and Linux users out there.. and yes, for FREE.


So at this time, we have advanced the following-


Customers using SPL-Lab Software-

Termlab = Windows FREE

Termlab = Mac FREE

Termlab = Linux FREE


SPL-Lab = Windows FREE

SPL-Lab = Mac FREE

SPL-Lab = Linux FREE

SPL-Lab = Android FREE



Here are the instructions-


Many of users asked about version of Spl-Lab Measuring Center for MAC OSX and Linux.
I can tell you that we are not planning portion our software on there platforms...
Because you can run current Measuring Center on your Mac or Linux!
All you will need is:
1.FREE VirtualBox software! 
2.FREE latest version of Spl-Lab Measuring center 
3.FREE latest version of INSTACAL for those who wants to run TERM-LAB
3.Windows XP,Vista,7,8,8.1 installation CD
Here is what you need to do
1. Install VirtualBox for your platform
2. Create new virtual machine
3. Install your copy of Windows
4. Install VirtualBox - Guest Additions
In the "Devices" menu in the virtual machine's menu bar, VirtualBox has a handy menu item named "Install guest additions", which mounts the Guest Additions ISO file inside your virtual machine. A Windows guest should then automatically start the Guest Additions installer, which installs the Guest Additions into your Windows guest. Other guest operating systems (or if automatic start of software on CD is disabled) need manual start of the installer.
6.For Linux users add your current User account to "vboxusers" account group through settings or with command line by typing
sudo usermod -a -G vboxusers USERNAME
USERNAME - your account name for example gonzo
5.Install INSTACAL if you want to run TERM-LAB
6.Connect USB devices to your Virtualbox Windows(device - usb)
7.For MAC OSX first of all add there USB devices in USB Filters virtual machine settings, and after your machine will boot unplug and plug your measurement USB device from PC.
8.Start INSTACAL it have to find your TERM-LAB - USB1208LS device.
9.Start Spl-Lab Measuring Center
10.Begin measurements rockwoot.gif
MAC OS X 10.9
Linux Ubuntu 12.04
Edited by shizzzon

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I've got a questiom for you ,


Is there a way to run a sweep and show that entire sweep with peak per frequency in one graph , to me that would be very convenient !


or is this something that already exists in the Termlab software that I simply don't know of ?


does the spl-lab software support the RTA functions also ?

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Spl lab supports more functions with all our hardware to choose from than termlab.

To do a whole sweep like what you are saying, just use peak hold with either of our products.

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I doubt a ton of others are using Linux, but I wonder, have you attempted this in wine? I'll download the software tonight and see if it at least runs on wine, then maybe I'll have to snag the setup.

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Wine does not support USB emulation but our instructions use all freeware.

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Hmm... might have to do some fooling around with it.

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Vmware player is free, and can run xp or 7. :)

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hi guys i'm new here and need a bit of assistaqnce.

We have a termlab that used to work on an old laptpo which died a long time ago.

i was informed that i could you the spl labs software with the term lab.

the laptop i'm using is running windows 8

 i have downloaded the spl labs sofware, plugged in the term lab and run instacal.

but when i go to use the spl labs program, it just says that iti s searching and does nothing.Have idone something wrong?

any help would be really appreciated

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