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Alternator parts\kits\connectors.. where to go?

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I need the connector that goes on my alternator that the wire harness plugs into for my 2008 scion xb.


I see ebay sells Repair kits that come with these but no one on there sells kits for this vehicle.

Also, i can't find this connector anywhere, lol.. 


Ebay sells them for the xA but that's it.. 


I am wanting to fabricate my own VCM Wire harness without splicing into anything to make it look more professional.


I will be doing the following-

Purchase a VCM harness for a GM.

The female plug on my car would need to go to a male scion xb connector(which is what i'm looking for) to a GM Female connector(that i need to get), then plugs into the VCM, then out of the VCM(GM female), i need a GM Male connector(that i need to get) to a Female scion xb connector(that i can probably just cut off at a junkyard) to the alternator.


So.. i am looking for the following-


Female and Male 2008 scion xb alternator connector

GM Male and Female connector for whatever harness i choose to buy. 

I hear these are easy to find so i'm more interested in finding the Toyota ones.

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