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SPL-Lab Devices Now Go Portable!

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In a recent effort to expand our user market to more operating systems, we are now expanding our own hardware device capability.


Users who currently own Wired Measuring devices or users who plan on purchasing need not solely look into a Wireless Meter for Android functionality.


Yes, you read that correctly!


Basically, you would purchase an adapter to convert our usb cable into the proper USB type to plug into your phone or tablet(Android devices).


With the right compatible Android device, you will be able to now run our USB Meter and RTA Meter.


This means users can now purchase a portable RTA system from us now for use on Android devices.


We cannot guarantee Android device compatibility so we created a FREE testing version of the Android software that can be downloaded here-


The FREE version intentionally makes measurements read inaccurate.  This FREE version is only used to ensure the software will work with your device.


If it can, you can go to the Play Store and search for "spllab" and download the Measurement Center.


If you currently have our software installed, please uninstall before attempting to install this version(including the FREE version as well).


You can also go here and purchase this new Android version -

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