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FS: Fi Sp4 Motor and 15" Ti basket

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          Fi Sp4 motor and 15" Ti basket


I got this in a trade for an Fi BL, but I won't be able to fit a 15" in my car unless I build a sealed trunk wall.  As fun as it sounded, it wouldn't get under way until spring time so I'm selling to get an alternator.  Basket will be included in auction and still has terminals on it.


Conditon:  9/10  Glue joints are clean; no chips or gashes out of the motor.  Back plate was few scratches and over all is in good condition. 


Price: 250+ shipping to US 50 only please; entertain me with trade offers, but cash is king.


Shipping: Item will be properly packed and insured using UPS as carrier.












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I know.  I want it too, but I just can't scratch up a trunk wall for this in a hurry.  I really hope it sells here rather than on that other site.

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