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Soundstream Reference Amps

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So anyways I traded my A3000gti amplifier for two Soundstream REF 2.640 two channel amps

and a pair of the REF 1.500 mono blocks....


all I can say is I'm really impressed, the REF 2.640's are nothing short of amazing on the top end

and the REF 1.500 are every bit as impressive on the bass

love the damping on these things , everything sounds tight and un colored

symbols , guitars , drums as well as lots of hidded instruments and vocals uncovered 

best part is there is absolutely NO noise floor....dead quiet


they run on the warm side and they can really eat the juice

...I see a second alternator being installed soon


I remember what my old school Reference Amps sounded like and I'm almost convinced

these sound better.....I have been hearing musical detail over the last couple weeks

that I have not heard in years ( same songs I have listened to since high school)

in fact the last amps I have owned that impressed me this much with un colored tightness

and detail were my old Harmon/Kardon CA 160 's






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