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SPL-Lab USA News, New Products, Taramp's News

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We are working on our new Distribution site which will have several brands of Car Audio and will launch it sometime soon for all to enjoy.

We will be setting the mark to be the first to start manufacturing and distributing certain products along with how our pricing structure is controlled for the customer.

1st Point-

We are working with another company in South America who knows a thing or two about Taramp's.. They are manufacturing us some protection devices SPECIFICALLY for Taramp's low voltage protection.

They are set at a solid 10.8v for low voltage and 15.0v for high voltage(not changeable but can be bypassed temporarily when using HD amps)

There protection device has a 3 stage protection system which cuts off system immediately when a trigger is hit or a delayed shut down if repeated triggers are hit within a certain time period.

2nd Point-

SPL-Lab has just finished R&D-ing a new product to be announced soon. I will tell you it is a new low cost(under $80) protection system that has features and convenience that has NO current competition to it! Video, pics, specs, features will all be released soon.

3rd Point-

Our new distribution site for car audio will offer a new Incentive Payment System that will allow customers to purchase products (those that qualify that do not violate MAP) LOWER than other companies.

We try to always keep cost down as low as possible and we have found a way to eliminate certain costs to us that allows us to lower cost to customer.

4th Point-

Another update to Android is coming soon that will offer support for potentially more Android devices and RTA Support! the First portable RTA system of it's kind.

When we have the go ahead to share more information, we will post it here!

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