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SAZ-3500d v2, 15" PSI MOJOs, 2 XS XP3000s

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I have for sale:

1 Sundown SAZ-3500D v2 $650 +shipping

2 15" Memphis MOJO M3 motors with PSI soft parts/baskets.(1800w RMS each) $225 each/$400 both +shipping

2 XS Power XP3000 Batteries $225 each/$400 both +shipping

I can also do local pickup and can drive some depending on distance


SAZ-3500D v2 great shape no damage at all except small nicks where its been mounted




PSI MOJOs motors are older orange basket M3s have scratching on bottom. soft parts in good shape.






XP3000s have post terminals for both. also have 556 multi top post adapters if desired.



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well that was fast

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