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Hey guys im switching from CVXs to BLs im wondering if my old box would be ok with the new subs till I get a new one built. Car Tunes built the box and its suppose to be "spec" for the size of my truck and the space im utilizing. They said its a 1 chamber for 2 subs. I went outside and measured it...dual 15s btw


20.5in long

42in wide

18.5in high


The port measured

2.5 in wide

16.5 long


I just wanna know if this box is close to whats recommended. Im sure they need more port volume but I don't build boxes so someone enlighten me please lol. Any input is greatly appreciated guys! Thanks

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Doing some quick math shows me the enclosure is around 7.1 cu.ft. NET with a dismal port opening (only 42.5 sq.in. of port area).  The port area isn't even equivalent to a pair of 6" round ports.  However after subwoofer displacments the BL's would be running in around 6.7 cu.ft. with a port tuning in the 29hz area.  So technically speaking, yes the enclosure should be alright to run the BL's in until you get another enclosure built for them.  Remember though that when you increase the port area on the new enclosure that port length will have to be much longer as well to keep the tuning the same, or nearly the same.  That means that a lot more internal volume is going to be used up by the port and the enclosure will have to get a bit larger to keep the volume where it needs to be.

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The box I had custom built for ONE twelve inch Fi BL that I currently use has a port area of 32.5 square inches (included in displacemet).

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Oh ok thanks guys I figured it was a good amount off. I knew it would sound ok just not as loud as it can be in the right box. Ive been researching and pretty much everybody was huge ports for the so I knew mine wasn't optimal. Thanks for taking time to look into it and the comments! One more question what size wire are you guys running from the sub to amp? I have all JL wiring but the wire from the sub to amp is smaller...12 gauge if im not mistaken. Should I up the size or will that be fine?

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Honestly 12 gauge will be just fine.

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Just a quick recap the subs sounds pretty damn good in that smaller box! 

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