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How to build an Octaport! (McGovney Designs style)

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When dealing with Octaports, it's the same as dealing with any other aero port. The advantages are:


1.) You use the same design principles as you would with aero ports. They are (somewhat) circular, so therefore you do not need 15+ sq in per cube to make them work. I use a good rule of 9-13 sq in per cube.

2.) They are actually very easy to build, and even easier to build if you have a table saw (I've built these with a circular saw, so yes it can be done. Just watch your fingers...).

3.) Coolness factor... 'Nuff said.


First we have to look at how to make one. An Octagon is 8 sides, therefore you will have 8 pieces, and each piece will have a 22.5 degree cut on each side (22.5 * 8 pieces * 2 sides per piece=360 degrees). The area you are going for will be figured by the internal width of each board. Once you have that figured out, you can easily figure out the external width by adding 0.62132"" to each width (if using 0.75" thick material). Or, just round up to 0.625" (which is the same as 5/8") if you can't be as precise. To calculate this, you take the tangent of 22.5 degrees. Therefore, 0.75tan(22.5) = 0.31066 * 2 = 0.62132.


To figure the area of an Octaport is quite simple. The equation is:




*sqrt=square root

x=Length of internal side<p> </p>


Example: You figure you need each piece to have an internal width of 3". That means your area will be 43.46 sq in. To built that port, you will need to make each piece 3.625" wide, then cut the 22.5 degree angles on each side. So when you're done, the outside will measure 3.625" wide and the inside will measure 3" wide.


As far as tuning goes, there are multiple apps out for Android and iPhone that will let you put cross sectional area, net volume, and tuning frequency in and spit out a port length. You can also go on psp-inc.com and use the port length calc for aero ports. 


Hope that helps if anyone wants to build their own Octaports. It's a fun process and builds your wood working ability.


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There aren't any pictures, I don't understand without any pictures! What is all this reading nonsense!

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I'll get pictures tomorrow. Haha. I'm already lounging on the couch for the night.

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