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    • By altoncustomtech
      I've got some stuff from my hoard of car audio that I'm certain that I'm not going to be using anytime soon and I'm fairly certain that no one I know close to me is going to need it either.  So instead of it sitting and going to waste I may as well sell it to someone who can and will use it and put the money to good use elsewhere.
      First up:
      A used Audison SR2 two channel amplifier.  It has all the accessories it came with and looks as though it was very gently used.  I wanted to keep it but it probably won't ever get used so out it goes to someone who can use it.  All the original mounting screws and the screws for the plastic cover are poked into the styrofoam and no I haven't hooked it up while I've had it.
      $100 shipped  $90 SHIPPED



      A used Sundown Audio SA-15 sub with D2 coil configuration.  I hooked it up to play with my DATS when I first got it, it's not been on an amp or in a box.  It still feels tight and doesn't have any coil rub or discoloration to the coil at all.  It was shipped to me in the original styrofoam but without the original box, only a bunch of cardboard panels that were taped together and that immediately fell apart when I opened it.  I will find a proper box for it to ship in before I ship it out to whomever buys it.
      $125 + shipping (this thing is heavy!)  $115 + SHIPPING (It's still heavy)



      Here is a pair of BNIB Diamond Audio D3 10" Dual 2 ohm subwoofers.  They're brand new, never hooked up, never mounted in an enclosure and only out of the boxes for inspection and pictures.  These retailed for ~$140+ each so this should be a great price.
      $150 + shipping    SOLD




      This is a BNIB Blues Audio BA1-1000 monoblock subwoofer amp.  It's rated at 500wrms @ 4 ohms and 1,000wrms @ 2 ohms.  This hasn't been hooked up or out of the box for anything but pictures.  It's a cheap little Chinese built amp but it does have some weight to it and I would imagine it's no worse than any other Chinese amp of similar build and ratings.
      $100 shipped  $90 SHIPPED



      Last but not least:
      Another BNIB amplifier, the JBL GTO1004 4 channel amp.  It's rated at 100wrms x 4 @ 4ohms, 150wrms x 4 @ 2 ohms and 300wrms x 2 bridged at 4 ohms.  This amp hasn't been hooked up at all either and has only been out of the box for pictures.
      $140 shipped    SOLD



    • By sittdogg
      Hey guys. I finally blew my alpine type R 15 after 4 years. Had my alpine mrd m1005 running to it in a sealed enclosure. It was loud and got 141.4 db at a local comp I did just for fun to see how loud I could get. Time for a new 15 to replace it. I'm wondering if anyone knows a good 15" that compares to the type r or better that will run off that 1000 rms nicely. Many of the subs I like seem to be made for ported enclosures. I'm not against ported box but can't afford to have one built right now and I always liked the sound quality from my sealed. I want to go for a ported box in the near future but want a well built one with low port noise and tuned. Does anyone have suggestions for a sub that will run on a sealed enclosure for now nicely but even better in a ported later? I thought about a DD 2500, or American bass TNT or XFL, but it looks like neither do well in a sealed box. I been out of the car audio loop of whats good, so any help is appreciated.
    • By walwalka
      Here is the car itself....

      Here is my build log for my 2010 honda civic LX, when I bought this car I started with a pair of Alpine Type-E 10's in a prefab on an Alpine MRP-M500. Then I upgraded the door and rear speakers with Polk Audio DXI650's and an Alpine MRP-F300 which I also use in my current build. After that I moved to an AB XFL 15's on an Audio Technix AT1200.1d. 
      This log will reflect my current state:
      DC Power 180 amp alternator
      XS D5100R under the hood
      Northstar NSB-AGM24M in the trunk
      Audio Technix 1/0 OFC run to the trunk
      Knukonceptz 1/0 OFC in the trunk
      Sky High Lugs and RCA's
      Alpine CDE-HD137BT
      Crscendo RTS-1 tweeters
      Sony mids
      Alpine-MRP-F300 bridged at 20Vac for 100wrms
      Soundqubed HDS312's in a sealed 5.02^3 enclourse(Yes it's too big, fixing it tonight!)
      Soundqubed Q1-2200D 
      Audio Technix 60mil deadener
      Here is the DC power alternator installed, I have recently changed the belt so that it doesn't slip at idle when it's raining anymore. The new belt is 1/4 shorter as the DC pulley is the same size as the factory pulley.

      XS Power D5100R with tool maker terminals

      Big three upgrade in all Audio Technix silver tinned 1/0 OFC

      Now to start ripping all the old stuff out.... 

      Car was really dirty at this point... Summer semester was killing me, but I needed some work on my hobby time.

      I really didn't feel like removing the seats and possibly having an air bag light..

      Next post will be the install of all the new goods!!
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