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Diy install 4 weeks and i seem to be making it worse

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I installed a audiopipe 1500 to power a sundown x10 in a ported box. jl audio componants in the front doors jl coaxials in the rear deck running on a jl700/5 the 2012 mustang gt factory hu and  lastly the pain in my back is a audiocontrol dq 61. I mounted everything on a wall behind the rear seats just in the trunk.

I 2 separate  stinger  1/0 for power as well as grounds. My signal is also stinger 9 conductor w/ 2 350amp fuses. the 5th channel on the 700/5 is waiting on jl8w3 mounted in the front doors. I hope there is something my eyes are not catching because the insides sound like tin cans. when I am able to improve the sound I cant turn them up beyond 25% without clipping. I had the factory shaker 500 which is factory amps 50w to power the factory 8" subs in th4 front doors. they are DVC so I pulled the low signal to use for my dx10. No issues with the 10" in the trunk. the front doors also have 5x7 with center tweets. I am pretty sure the signal is all highs since that is the reproduction when used as the main signal in to the DQ61. So im summing the front and rear 2 channels and after entire weekends and evenings twieking it I still have yet to find the sweet spot of even tolerable to play loud. My goal is loud and clear. I mostly listen to rock, alternative so I gotta get this straightened out. Lastly Im stubborn about completing this on my own but finally took it to car toys, which have yet to disappoint me. Paid 85 bucks for an hour of an installers time and he gave up as well. are the DQ61s audiocontrols stepchild or is it me.

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Did your car come with the sync system and if so which one, or how many speakers?

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Paragraph is too long, lol. 

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Not sure what you are "making worse"

Need to keep this simple. What about your system isn't working to your expectations.

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Why are you summing your fronts and rears? Tap from the fronts only. If you have the Shaker 500 system you can set for fronts only and have a better sound. The doors on a Mustang benefit considerably from some sound deadener. A stop at SDS.com is wise investment in time. If you are still using the factory door speakers you will never get good sound. There are plenty of aftermarket component systems that sound a hundred times better. I have tried in my 2010 Mustang convertible HIVI, Sundown, Hertz, and my present set are Scan Speaks. The factory cuts off the signal to the mids at 80Hz. I use a simple David Navone LOC with no issues of clipping. 

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    • By Funnytoe
      Anyone know of a good online place to buy audiocontrol stuff ?
      i was going to purchase a dq-61 and and epicenter for a great price from an authorized dealer. Pretty much the price of eBay . But seems like the guy now doesn't want to sell it to me at that price. 
      I don't need it installed just want to purchase both units . I'm like anyone else just looking for a great deal . But don't want to get burned on fake or used stuff. 
      Yes I completely understand that audiocontrol won't honor warranty if it's not purchased form authorized dealer. But I have not had any issues with any of there stuff in the past. 
      Anyway just wondering if any of you have purchased any audiocontrol from online retailers without any issues?
      or know of any shops that will sell at a great price?
      thank you.  I apologize if I posted this on the wrong section 
    • By SnapperKing
      I just finished up with my install: 2) 12" D2 GCONS in a DC-Creations Sealed Enclosure, all installed in a 2012 Volkswagen GLI running from the factory fender audio system to a LC2i LOC and Kicker ZX1000.1 Amp w/ KnuKonceptz Kolossus Flex 0 ga kit.
      Visually: I placed my order and received the speakers about 25-30 days later, just like the guys @ SSA said. Between the heavy foam surround, to the huge magnet, to the frame, they look SICK. Looks wise, I can't complain, the build quality seems to be great; real heavy duty shit here. When I bought my kicker amp from the car audio shop around the block, the guy I dealt with asked what I was running for subs. So I showed him... His eyes light up and he says, "SSA... never heard.. WOW! Those look SERIOUS!"
      DC Creations:
      Build Quality: I ordered a stage-one sealed enclosure with the flush mounting option, built to the max dimensions of my vehicle. The enclosure is around 1.3 - 1.35 ft^3 per speaker. Received it in the expected time-frame with no issues. Build quality is awesome and I really liked the way the guys at DC wired up the box for me; 2 runs of heavy gauge wiring shrink tubed right to the terminals. It was basically plug and play. The enclosure was built like a brick shit house compared to one my old prefabbed enclosures. No comparison there.
      Fitment: The GCONS slipped right into the flush mount face, wired right up, VERY EASY. It was perfect in all aspects. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
      Overall the installation went well; getting all the LC2i and ZX1000.1 adjustments were a pain but I finally have then fine-tuned and I couldn't be happier. This was my first sealed enclosure so I really wasn't expecting much in the area of loudness (compared to my Kicker L7s in a ported enclosure), especially running off the factory head-unit. Honestly - I'm impressed in all aspects of their performance (Enclosure and Subs). They get low, they get high, they're punchy and most importantly, they're really clean and tight; I don't understand why it took me this long to go sealed. Loudness - Unless you're competing, I can't see ever needing any more SPL than this. My car has a sunglass compartment that pops down from the headliner. When I turn up the volume - it flies open and my sunglasses fall on the floor... Every time.... Its really impressive. The rear-view mirror doesn't move around in circles like I've seen in some SPL videos but it shakes a LOT -the same goes for my side-view mirrors. A friend of mine runs a pair of 12" Alpine Type-Rs @ 600-700W each in a sealed enclosure; All I'll say is this - every time I see him now, he asks me to trade. The Type-Rs get pretty damn hot, pretty damn quickly. I'm not sure that I'd feel comfortable running them hard for any longer than 15-20 minutes at a clip.
      Last night I took a 2-3 hour road-trip running my GCONS pretty damn hard (safely of course). I felt the cones out of curiosity - BARELY WARM after 3 hours in a SEALED BOX @ 550-600W Each.
      Overall: Although they were only around 200 bucks each, I'm not sure that I'd call the GCON a budget subwoofer. The only thing budget is the price. I can only imagine how loud these would be in a ported enclosure from DC-Creations. 2 THUMBS UP AND HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
      Will try to get some GoPro videos up this weekend.
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