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wrong pictures for AA Mayhem @1800woofers.com

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the SSA store has the correct pics for the AA Mayhem but 1800woofers.com is using the pics from the AA Havoc for the Mayhems. was thinkin of buying me a Mayhem 15" but just wanted to make sure im gettin the right woofer (not the pic posted in 1800woofers Mayhem page).

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Yup, you are right, i'll go ahead and fix this asap, thanks for the heads up.  It was a very busy day when I updated these.

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no problem mate. glad i could help out. and thanks! ;)

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      So the time has come to purchase a new subwoofer. I have been using a Rockford P3 for the last couple months and loved it but decided it was about time to move up in the world of the bassheads. I have a really hard time deciding on the simplest of things and thats why im posting here to try and get help on deciding. i by no means mean this to be a "VS" thread. just need a push in the "right" direction. 
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      ill be running it on one of the Hifonics mt. olympus series amps (the one that best fits the particular subs RMS rating, of course)
      the sub will be put in a custom made 4 cubic feet of airspace ported box tuned to 32hz in an extended cab truck
      any and all advice will be appreciated. thanks!
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