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FS: 12" Fi BTL UFO D2

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1. Product: 12" Fi BTL UFO Dual 2 Ohm Fully loaded with HiXm coil.

2. Specs: 2k RMS but will take 3k

HiXmcoil (longer coil to bring more xmax)

.250" spacers

Hammered gray painted basket

RE XXX Dustcap to cover imperfections

Motor boot and gasket included.

3. Description/Condition:

Reconed about 3 months ago. (May)

10/10 functional: This has been one of my favorite drivers thus far. It is is 100% working condition. Can't get pics of coils yet as I just realized my multimeter is shot. I'll try borrowing the neighbors today to take pictures.

7/10 cosmetic: Some glue drips from spider landing. Little bit of glue splotches on the top of the motor. Glue was a bit runny from having it in the freezer. No chips in ferrite. Bottom plate in good condition.

Dustcap: I put an RE XXX dust cap on it after I blew the original Fi Dust cap off the day after I reconed it. Had this woofer in a larger enclosure and it didn't like it on the power I was giving it. Built a box to specs and its been a sound experience I'll never forget.

PM me with any questions about the woofer's conditions or shipping quotes.

Hate to see this go, but I need to fund a new build.

Had this woofer on 3k on good electrical.

4. Price: : 275+ Shipping

PM me for a shipping quote.

Paypal only. US 48 States only please.

5. Pictures:

Video of this beast.









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