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FI Audio BL 15 is in and running! Un impressed with FI's sile

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First off. I am Unimpressed with FI's Silence.   


Unfortunately Scott and Nick have pretty much decided they are going to Ignore my Emails concerning taking them (Scott) up on the offer to replace the sub of find a magnet cover to hide the huge chunk missing out of the Ferrite.   2 weeks worth or emails have never been replied to so I have decided to cut my Losses and install the Subwoofer in the Oak Ply box I built.  I waited and waited but with the weather turning cooler I wanted to get it in and running.    


On a Side note, a few Woofer builders have offered to repair the woofer at a reduced cost to help me out.  So that was nice of them. I may take one of them up on the offer since I really wanted to run it inverted at can't get passed the Snaggeled toothed look of it with it ass end out.   I was getting discouraged with the whole deal so I mounted the sub in the box and said the hell with it.



Anyhow, after another restain to get the color I wanted I have it installed and running off my Trusty Brutus Brx1200.1d. 



HOLY SHIT.... It Slams.  I know...It doesn't compare to what some guys are running but this is my first time with some decent equipment or at least a start.


I have everything set pretty Conservative on the amp and it sounds beautiful and its WAY more powerful than I really need.

Even at the low settings it sounds great and has a real nice kick to it.  But it literally turns the Little Focus to Jello if I spin it up a bit.  I broke it in for a few days at half volume but cranked her up a bit here and there because I couldn't help it.    I'm pretty Happy with the performance of the sub and from what  hear on this site it will only get better as it breaks in.  I haven't had the cojones to roll the bass knob passed halfway yet. (Chickenshit)


My Only complaint I have with it was the lack of QC with FI sending something out damaged like that then ignoring me after they said they would make it right.   It took me a pretty long time to save up for a Higher end woofer I do not have a expendable income and have a pretty strict budget with a growing Family and all.




I tried taking a video with my Phone but it was worthless as it sounded really bad with the Subwoofer clipping out the little mic in the phone.  I will get some pics and maybe try out my Motorcycle Vlogging helmet cam and mic and see if that can give a better idea of the sound quality.  Camera picked up the car liquefying and the windows warping pretty good though.  EESH....



I was worried about the Port noise because some said it was a little on the small side. (6" ID psp port 14" long in a 35wx13tx22d box.  but there isn't any port noise that I can hear in the car.      I need to invest in some Dynomat or something and plaster the hatch and the roof.  Right now its Wavy Gravy on Low low songs.  Like REAL BAD.  The box came out great and that was mostly do of course thanks to everyone's help that gave me pointers on it.  Need to just tidy up the rear wiring a bit and get the box tied down.   Have the Amp running off of a 2 Gauge copper welding wire and ground. Stock 160amp alt seems to be running it ok but I do not have a volt meter on it just yet. It doesn't seem to have a want for power.



As for the blown Sony Component set that I posted in another thread I put in a old RF 6.5 from a old 90's build of mine in it's place for now and it sounds of course great!. (Sony is replacing the entire set and sending me a UPS pick up ticket on Monday no questions asked and is expediting a replacement set to me through a distributor)  < I thought that was very professional!  Probably run the Sony set until I can find a nice component set in the $150 range to replace them with.  



I'll post some pics after I clean it all up maybe saturday.


And again thanks for everyone help and opinions throughout all of this.  So far it has turned out great.   \

Happy Almost Friday.

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No such thing as breaking a sub in, turn her up and let it rip. Loosen up those soft parts some.

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