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Hey everyone, 

First off I wanna apologize for changing my mind so much. My financial situation has changed, so my future setup ideas have too. Even though I have not followed through with other plans ya'll have helped me with, I have learned a lot for each comment or post I read.


On to the enclosure idea. I will be getting a single SA-10 D2 as soon as my current setup sells. I will be running it off of a BRZ1200 @ 1 Ohm (for headroom). My goals are for it to be decently loud (I have had an E-12, hope to be comparable to that), and flat sounding for all music types... From dubstep to decaf to classic rock to country. It will be in my daily which is the trunk of a 2000 Honda Civic Sedan (DX EJ6, D16Y7 Auto). I am planning on building an enclosure that is 1.4 cubic feet, with a 17" long, 4" aeroport, tuned to 34.8 Hz. 


My questions are as follows:

Is the box too large? I commonly see Jacob recommending 1-1.25 cubes for a ported SA-10.

Should I keep the 4" aero? It gives 9" of port per cube (high end of the spectrum for an aero)

Or go with a 3", or just go slot port... If I go slot, what kind of port area should I use?

Lastly, is that a good tuning? I would like an F3 around 28Hz. 


Thank you for all your help, as always. 

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If you want it to sound flatter I'd tune in the lower 30's. It'll take away a tad loudness but should smooth the response some

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