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Mega-Roll v.2 Klippel Results

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The new Mega-Roll v.2 surround achieves ~5% variation over a span of ~60mm p-p stroke. That is a huge  improvement over the already excellent compliance behavior of the  Mega-Roll v.1 surrounds. We've rolled out the Mega-Roll v.2 on the X, Z, NS, and TEAM lines already :cool:
The graph does not extend farther due to power limits of the Klippel machine @ Red Rock Acoustics (Capped at 1kw for the laser according to Patrick) -- but it's safe to say there is no trend showing the linearity will end any time  soon after the range on the graph.
Clearly, we have improved suspension induced distortion once again with the new Mega-Roll v.2 surrounds! It's something that worked in theory, on paper, to my ears, and now to Klippel :D




Compared to the Mega-Roll v.1 Klippel.

You can see at rest the figure is ~0.175 & at 30mm rearward it's ~0.15; which is a change of 14.25% in that direction. At 30mm forward it's at ~0.1375 which is a 21% change.

This is already a REALLY good result... see next graph for a more standard performance.



This is an SA-12

The at-rest figure is ~0.225 -- by 30mm rearward it is ~0.0625 which is a 72% variation from the at-rest figure (if looked at the other way -- the at-rest figure is 360% softer).

At 30mm forward it is ~0.10 which is a 45% variation from the at-rest figure (if looked at the other way -- the at-rest figure is 225% softer).

The SA-12 has a "traditional" suspension curve.

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