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Second Skin

New Flat Rate USPS Damp Pro Build Pack

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New Flat Rate USPS Damplifier Pro Build Pack


Check out the new sound deadening package offered by Second Skin Insulation…..customers have spoken and we have responded with a great new Damplifier Pro Build Pack that will ship to any state in the great USA for under $15 in 2-3 business days (Canada/Mexico is $47 & most anywhere else in the world is $69 must call in to place International Order). This awesome new Damplifier Pro Build Pack is offered in multiple options for small to medium sized builds of: 10 sqft/20 sqft/25 sqft/25 sqft + Wooden Roller.

Get your hands on a high quality 100% American made butyl rubber sound deadener quicker with great 2-3 business day shipping and you’ll even save some cash on the speedy shipping….only at Second Skin Noise & Heat Insulation!!!

Check it out here http://store.secondskinaudio.com/damplifier-pro-10-20-25-sq-feet-build-pack-flat-rate-box/

Always insist on the best, Second Skin Insulation, Made in the USA!!!


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The Hawaiian bass heads are loving the new flat rate box, saving themselves $40-80 an order in shipping costs.

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